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  1.  Hey, Houstonians! If you recently played the Powerball then you definitely may well want to help check your quantities mainly because someone is travelling with the ticket worthy of a good approximated $1 million.
  2.  This winning ticket was people paid Wednesday's, Jan. 6, sketching at Hempstead Shell Truck or van Stop located at 14304 Hempstead Road.
  3.  The winning numbers were: 1, 20, 22, 60, 66 along with the Powerball was 3.
  4.  This lucky winner occurred to purchase a Quick Pick at the truck or van stop that will matched just about all five quantities, excluding the particular Powerball.
  6.  Considering that no one matched almost all five numbers together with the Powerball, this means the lottery jackpot is still up intended for grabs with an approximated winning total of $470 million. The next drawing are going to be Saturday, Jan. dokuz.
  7.  The particular Powerball is not really the only real game that's in close proximity to the half-billion mark.
  8.  Typically the Mega Thousands lotto jackpot is at an approximated $490 million. The next Mega Millions drawing is Fri, Jan. 8.
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  10.  This last period both lotto games acquired jackpots earlier mentioned $400 mil simultaneously had been back in July. 2018. The motorola milestone phone happened right before an individual won a list Mega Millions jackpot treasure of $1. 537 thousand.
  11.  The odds of hitting often the Powerball grand winning prize will be 1-in-292, 201, 338. That sounds rough, nonetheless take into account this: the possibilities of filling out a right March Madness clump is 1-in-9. 2 quintillion (if you flip a new lieu on every game).
  13.  Chances of winning the Super Millions grand prize is definitely 1 in 302, 575, 350.
  14.  Since no a single equalled all five numbers while using Powerball, this implies the goldmine is nevertheless up for grabs with an believed winning entire of $470 million. The particular next drawing will probably be Weekend, January. 9.
  15.  Typically the Powerball is not the only video game that's near often the half-billion symbol.
  16.  The Ultra Millions lottery jackpot stands on an predicted $490 mil. The next Super Hundreds of thousands drawing is Friday, May. 8.
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  18.  The very last time both lottery games possessed jackpots above $400 , 000, 000 simultaneously was back in July. 2018. The particular milestone transpired right just before someone triumphed in a report Mega Millions lottery jackpot award of $1. 537 million.
  19.  The odds of receiving the Powerball grand award is 1-in-292, 201, 338. That sounds rough, although consider this: the probabilities of filling out the perfect March Madness bracket is 1-in-9. only two quintillion (if you switch a gold coin on every game).
  20.  Often the odds of winning often the Mega Millions grand winning prize is 1 in 302, 575, 350.
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