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  1.  Keratitis is surely an inflamation related lesion in the cornea which has numerous mechanisms and causes of growth. Illnesses provoke clouding of your cornea, which leads to a significant reduction in sight. A concomitant specialized medical photo manifests itself: , discomfort of your overseas system inside the vision, decreasing discomfort, increased sensitivity from the cornea.lacrimation and photophobia Treatment - medication and microsurgical (if corneal ulceration is identified).
  2.  Common details about the disease
  3.  Inflamation related ailments from the eye are the most typical in ophthalmic process. Conjunctivitis is frequently demonstrated - about 70Percent of situations of the complete size of eye pathologies. Keratitis happens no more often than 5% of victims.
  6.  The system of growth of the disease is closely associated with the architectural options that come with the conjunctival cavity. Microflora is consistently found in it, which, even with the least stressful injury to the cornea, provokes its inflammation. In most cases, against the background of keratitis, vision is sharply reduced; for correction, it is necessary to use microsurgical techniques in order to restore the optical properties.
  7.  In ophthalmic deep, practice and superficial keratitis are recognized. Inside the first case, the ailment is a results of inflamation pathologies. With superficial skin lesions, there are actually no cicatricial alterations, the cornea does not increase gloomy.
  8.  Depending on the nature of the pathology according to the classification, keratitis are:
  9.  viral and bacterial;
  10.  onchocerciasis;
  11.  ulcerative and no-ulcerative;
  12.  herpetic;
  13.  periodic keratoconjunctivitis;
  14.  photokeratitis.
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