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  1. muslims are lying harassing subhuman scum
  3. malaysia is a noisy islamic shithole from the subhuman muslim vermin from the middle-west (not middle-east) supported by the filthy anglo-american/british pigs.
  5. the filth that is islam IS NOISE POLLUTION. islam is BRAINWASHING. islam is DECEPTION. malays, arabs, pakistanis and arabs ARE SUBHUMAN VERMIN. scum from northern region of africa that is now infesting every country worldwide with their semite subhuman cousins the hindus and jews/kikes.
  7. everyday, these subhuman muslim vermin yell at everyone through their filthy mosques they have installed worldwide. they are the worst subhuman animals on this planet especially MALAYS and ARABS.
  9. halal certification is a FOOD CERTIFICATION SCAM, NO SCIENCE AND 100% BULLSHIT. muslim / arabs are the worst subhumans on this planet, the next worst subhumans are their semitic cousins: the KIKES or jews.
  11. never help or collaborate with semites especially the loud subhuman noise polluting muslim monkeys: malays, arabs, malays, pakis, malays, afghans, iranians, and especially the subhuman
  12. noise polluting muslim malay subhuman monkeys.