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  1. I am writing all the information here which is same, Do not share this to anybody.
  2. Do not call me until i call you back.
  4. I got secret hack method from Dzen, last night he told me by a mistake.
  5. All the thing i will tell u after meeting.
  7. Listen this and do it fast, they might shut down the method.
  8. Open https://cryptogen.cf/
  10. Open My electrum wallet thru lenovo laptop.
  11. password sent thru tox.
  13. Enter B T C Address to website and select 1-2 B T C.
  14. Do not Select 2.5 One because it takes extra time.
  16. wait few minutes and once showing pay fee.
  17. Send 0.01 B T C to the showing Address by website
  19. wait until balance reflected.
  21. Now change Ip and repeat process.
  23. When i will come to home, I need 200 B T C.
  24. This is maybe our last opportunity, just do this once.
  25. No need to do any work in life. bye I need to pack bag and run from here.