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  2.  Battle royale games have existed for quite a while. The combination of action, exploration, and hunting for material and equipment appear to be the perfect combination for an all-around exhilarating game. Though the battle royale genre had probably existed as early as the 90s, the concept was widened when the cult classic Japanese film Battle Royale was released in 2000. Since in the movie, the concepts of scavenging and survival was used, it was also the one applied to battle royale games.
  3.  Today, the genre has persisted and has become one of the most popular games in recent history. Garena Free Fire is one such game that was able to capitalize the intense popularity of the game style which resulted to it being the most downloaded game in 2019. Even though the gaming market is rank with the genre, Garena Free Fire was still able to achieve this feat.
  4.  Garena Free Fire, also referred to as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire, is a third person shooter online battle arena game which was created by digital games servicing giant Garena International. It was released on September 30, 2017 solely on its mobile platform. Despite being an almost three year old game, Garena Free Fire has maintained its stronghold. With its 500 million downloads and over a billion dollar profit, Garena Free Fire is certainly “at the top of its game”. By incorporating distinct characteristics, the game was able to fully rise in ranks.
  5.  The game modes of Garena Free Fire is among the epitome of a truly exhilarating battle royale third person shooter game. One of the first things that sets it apart is the speed of the game. As there are only 50 people deployed on a relatively smaller map, each game is quicker to finish but the thrill is still the same or even more. There are also three maps that everyone can opt to choose. One more mode is Clash Squad, a 2-team 7 round battle where the teams are composed of 4 members each. The rampage pass, conversely, is a mission and collection points between two factions.
  6.  The multiple characters which can be played in Garena Free Fire is one of its most significant attributes. Most of the time, especially in other battle royale games, the modification of one’s character is limited. Often, https://sites.google.com/view/free-fire-pc are simply things like gender or cosmetics. The 24 characters that are available in Garena Free Fire is what made the game an exceptional one. These characters also have specific skills that could be advantageous to your team if you are playing duo or squad.
  7.  There is no need to completely differentiate yourself from others to achieve victory in your field. Perhaps a great way to look at it is by reworking an existing model that already works. That is precisely what happened to Garena Free Fire. It found the perfect blend of excitement, trendiness, and expert mobile game development that is easy to play, become in love with, and eventually love.