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  1.  Do you want some fun and fight against zombies to keep them away from your home and keep your brains safe? Well, this won't ever be fine in real life. But in the Plants vs Zombies game, you can have the best time of your life whacking those zombies away. The concept was changed in the tower defense and zombie strategy game which involves plants during the battle. Different foliages are used by the homeowner to prevent the invasion of waves and waves of zombies.
  2.  PVZ was first released in 2009 and it can only be played on desktops and laptops. Fans of the game should thank some
  3.  innovations since they can always play it on their mobile devices. Since then, it has earned positive feedback in the realm of gaming and received multiple awards. Can you take the challenge and help Crazy Dave fight Dr. Zomboss and his horde of zombies. Take a look at the various features that captured the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike.
  4.  Conquer 50 Undead Levels
  5.  There are 50 levels to conquer when you play the Adventure mode. Feel the excitement when you play the game at various times of the day, such as daytime, night, and during fog. Because they wish to get to your home and eat your brains, several waves of zombies will invade your lawn, swimming pool, and even rooftop. Moreover, the Survival mode can be played in which continuous waves of zombies will swarm your place. Will you play theendless games to see if you'll get bored or become even more excited?
  6.  Fight Many Fun-Loving Zombies
  7.  There are various sorts of zombies you will encounter, including pole-vaulters, snorkelers, and bucketheads, where each has their own special skills. Would you like to know more about each zombie so that you can carefully plan your strategy? Turn to the Almanac that will guide you all the way. It might help a lot if you think fast and plant even faster to clear your lawn, pool or rooftop of the brain-eaters very quickly.
  8.  Collect 49 Powerful Perennials
  9.  Continue to conquer each level so you'll be rewarded with special plants to add in your army. You can also earn coins which you can use for powers or to buy a pet snail and lots of other merchandise in the shop. If https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ejigcfelmldlidangkhdecflbgdglkja get confused or stuck, remember to consult the Almanac that can help you find special information about the plants you have collected.
  10.  Earn 46 Awesome Achievements
  11.  It is time to check your zombie-zapping prowess because you will need to conquer each level to earn 46 awesome achievements. Choose the powerfulplants on the following battle and revel in your time whacking those zombies. If you consistently win with flying colors, you will earn more rewards with the ideal strategy and choices.
  12.  You will always have your sunflower for your daylight battle or the sun-shroom which you could use at night. Also, how would you like to plant some marigold thatwill produce coins that you accumulate? Although those brain-eating undead could be annoying, you will still love a zombie or two. Do not even allow a single soulless creature go close to your plants and consume them. When your foliage is secure, your place will also be guarded against waves of zombies that will just eat your brains.