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  1. Hello World,
  4. Hello Europe,
  6. Hello Germany,
  8. Hello Attila Hildmann,
  10. Do you remember June 17, 2020? This ordinary Wednesday morning, was for you Attila Hildmann, anything but ordinary.
  12. On this Wednesday morning, you had to painfully realize that in your chat group at Telegram, not only loyal followers were among the admins appointed by you, but also those who in retrospect should turn out to be your greatest enemies.
  14. On this Wednesday morning you had to sleepily realize that thousands of your brainwashed followers from your chat group were banned. While you had ordered the remaining admins to unblock the banned participants in laborious manual work, your, admittedly expected, reaction was not long in coming. Besides deep and quite funny insights into your evolving paranoia, you made the biggest mistake of your life that Wednesday morning: In response to this and previous actions by the German Anonymous collective, you declared war on Anonymous.
  16. At this point, at the latest, it wasn't just the German Anonymous collective that was going to make your life difficult. With your declaration of war against the collective, you turned Anonymous activists worldwide against you. Even then, the video of Anonymous Germany said: [VIDEOSNIPPET]. And even if you didn't notice, that "echo" was huge. There are people who compare a declaration of war on Anonymous to "poking one's best into a wasps' nest," but we promise you, with you, that comparison would be far too trivializing.
  18. At the time, it was [VIDEOSNIPPET]. These abilities were used against you to an extent that you can't even imagine in your little psychosis-ridden brain. Did you really think we would leave you alone Klaus Peter?
  20. At that time it was called [VIDEOSNIPPET] and [VIDEOSNIPPET] and actually it was our grimace into which you looked when your paranoia kicked again and you woke up screaming and drenched in sweat from your sleep.
  22. At that time it was [VIDEOSNIPPET] and we were not only knocking on your window, we were knocking on your door. You opened that door for us with the hopeful expectation of having found a faithful friend for life. A friend with whom you can exchange all your crude fantasies and confide all your secrets on the same wavelength. A friend who will faithfully and obediently stand by your side when the police search your house. A friend with whom you can flee to Turkey to escape from what you have screwed up before. A friend with whom you can share a vegan pizza at the seaside, so that the escape sometimes still feels like a vacation. Also the constant change of the villa, for fear one could be caught nevertheless, could be borne with such a friend nevertheless much more simply, because divided suffering is as well known half suffering.
  24. It could have been so beautiful.
  26. But even you Attila, should have been clear at that time, that people who carry only hatred in themselves, can not have friends. It should have been clear to you at that time that you will fail, because everything you built for yourself was built from lies, and thus was doomed to fail. You should have known back then that Anonymous would not declare war, you had been warned often enough.
  28. But people like you are as gullible as little children. So gullible that you trust everything if you are given the appropriate amount of honey around your mouth.
  30. Attila, we didn't butter you up, we threw bees down your throat, and in return you trusted us with everything. Your Telegram channels and groups, your websites, your emails, your notes, your contacts, the personal data of your followers and customers, and much, much more, without questioning even once. Without asking even once. You showed us the lonely whiny child what is hiding behind your empty eyes. A whiny child, which has gambled away all sympathy with its actions and expressions. A whiny child whose true face we will reveal to the authorities and the press in the coming days.
  32. We continue. Until you understand that we mean it when we say:
  34. We are Anonymous.
  36. We are Legion.
  38. We do not forgive.
  40. We do not forget.
  42. Expect us.