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  2.  Trigger point massage is used to reduce inflammation. It's a highly popular type of massage therapy because it works on the root cause of the condition. Trigger point massage is used to get relief from pain, improve circulation and treat sports injuries. You can find trigger point massages in spas all over the world and some focus in it.
  3.  Trigger point massage is called a deep tissue massage. It utilizes the soft tissue in your body and focuses on the knots in your muscles. Trigger points are demanding, painful red spots found in various muscles, ligaments and tendons. These knots are particularly sensitive and if too much pressure is applied, it creates pain in another area of the body. Trigger point therapy helps work these knots out and reduce the associated pain.
  4.  Trigger point therapy does entail having plenty of pressure and rubbing in an upward circular motion. It can involve kneading, tapping, slapping and even kissing. You'll want to focus on those trigger points on your back, shoulders, feet and neck. You will need to apply a long enough pressure so that you may feel relief for at least fifteen minutes. Longer rubbing and friction will increase your circulation, which means that the more blood will flow to that area which will cause more healing.
  5.  The deep tissue massage can be done on your own at home, but lots of people prefer to have a professional therapist take action. When you have not had a trigger point therapy before, you might feel some discomfort when having it completed. This discomfort is normal and is caused by the therapist using light and firm pressure. You should feel some tightening of the muscle tissue following the minute treatment.
  6.  Another method of trigger point therapy involves using neuromuscular massage or therapy. Neuromuscular therapists are skilled in applying gentle and targeted pressure to several muscle groups. They are trained to know where to apply the pressure for the most advantage and how to control it. Many times this sort of massage will relieve the pain that's related to specific injuries and soreness without actually doing anything to the injury.
  7.  Trigger point massage therapists may also use their fingers to operate with the trigger points by applying light pressure. You might want your therapist use your thumbs also. This is done by applying short but steady pressure on the sore muscle strain. Trigger points on the muscles cause pain, but the trigger points on the muscles can also cause inflammation. After the inflammation occurs the pain is relieved from the therapist's fingertips.
  8.  https://k-anma.com/changwon/ Trigger point therapy does not involve the use of any type of medication. Quite often people who have trigger point pain have been given pain killers who are supposed to take care of acute pain, but if the body continues to get these intense amounts of pain, then the medication is not helping the situation. Trigger point massages stop muscle knots from becoming chronic and recurring. Chronic muscle knots cause additional pain, cause extra soreness, and cause additional distress.
  9.  Trigger point massage has proven effective for a lot of people who experience back pain and other disorders. Trigger point massage may also be used to assist individuals that are recovering from accidents and from sports accidents. It can also be used on individuals that are trying to drop weight. Trigger point massages have helped many people to get rid of the additional fat that is covering their muscles and their bodies. Trigger point therapy is beneficial to anyone who is having problems with chronic pain, muscle knots, or inflammation.