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  1. norogath is a northern outpost town located on the relthwin conetenint that was originally settled as a simple supply post for trade ships and anti piracy naval operations, the town as it now is a bustling hub for trade, cultural exchange, and  has even become a sort of refuge for some of relthwins different races as vestiges of of relthwins more rascist ideals still run deeply throughout relthwins southern colony kingdoms. norogath is a maritime culture of trade, hunting and frontier exploration, its peoples are constantly at odds with piracy and poachers, not to mention its strange beasts and monsters. the main inhabitants of the relthwin kingdoms are elves humans and orcs, however since opening its trade ports to the drawven ships for trade, many new races and cultures have come into contact with its peoples.
  3. relthwin is a strange and vast continent covered in strange ruins, ancient battles and many mysteries.
  5. norogath is cold and stark, but undeniably beautiful, its peoples are adventurous and open minded, and ever eager to seek out the riches of the north. its guilds, are always short handed and thus pay quite well when compared to thier counterparts in the south.
  7. for 2 months of the year norogath lives in complete darkeness, the cold swallows the land and its common folk seek shelter, but the bitter cold reveals many riches that many will venture into, rare herds of aurochs and rothe will migrate in the hundreds of thousands, giving way to a fur trade.