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  2.  Without the overheads of a giant mass market operator, we will supply one of the best worth diving holidays often with great reductions and special presents. Careless Reef features beautiful coral gardens and two pinnacles with deep drop offs. Well-known for normal hammerhead shark sightings, the pleasant topography, myriad of colors and glorious visibility make this reef a firm favourite for all divers.
  3.  Choose the diving package that is best for you and experience a number of the hottest diving websites in Hurghada with high quality service at Diving Star. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with our group of skilled divers. As an impartial tour operator, we choose solely the hotels, liveaboards and diving centres that offer the best standards and high quality of service however on the proper price.
  4.  More than 30 years of expertise in the professional diving enterprise let the group guarantee you great dives in one of the most wonderful oceans of the world. The ISO certified middle is supplied with two multimedia class rooms, two guest equipment rooms, work shop and filling station , two guest loos and a giant rinsing space. And don’t overlook the idyllic diving circumstances of the Red Sea, with water temperatures not often falling beneath 22° C. This unimaginable clarity transforms the realm’s teeming reefs into a veritable aquarium, providing the perfect circumstances for underwater photographers to get that perfect shot. "Marvellous experience, good team. Thanks Egypt Divers for showing my spouse the way to dive and thanks for convincing her to go diving lastly. Good boat, delicious food. positively diving once more with you guys subsequent holiday."
  5.  My daughter and I travelled to Hurghada on our own for the diving. All our dive boats have a radio, first-help field, life vests and oxygen.
  6.  <div itemscope="" itemprop="mainEntity" itemtype="https://schema.org/Question">       <div itemprop="name">           <h2>Is the Red Sea dangerous?</h2>          </div>       <div itemscope="" itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemtype="https://schema.org/Answer">           <div itemprop="text">               <p>Although most species in the Red Sea pose no threat to humans, there are a few notable exceptions.</p>              </div>          </div>     </div>
  7.  <h2>Must Visit Destinations For New Scuba Divers</h2>
  8.  <ul>       <li>Our native scuba team brings the diving equipment, rented or owned, directly to the dive boats to guarantee you the most effective service out there.</li>       <li>A professional dive guide and/or teacher will transient and guide you to the best reefs and dive websites around Hurghada.</li>     </ul>
  9.  In order to prevent diving accidents, it's imperative, that you comply with the directions of our Diving Instructors and the security tips of our Diving Center. Enjoy the most well-liked Red Sea dive packages for the bottom prices.
  10.  1 day on the boat, 2 dives under supervision of a PADI teacher. It was my first time in life to dive and also you dealt with me very well, Fayez is a superb person and a very unique diver who made me enjoy every second of this.
  11.  Tomorow I gonna begin my wrack diving course with em as well. read moreMy daughter and I travelled to Hurghada on our personal for the diving. We had a tremendous time and accomplished our superior padi qualifications.
  12.  If you are every day diving do notice that many dive centres are situated within motels so bear this in thoughts when choosing where to stay and where to dive. http://dryburst7.nation2.com/scuba-diving-in-hurghada-padi-egypt You can dive with centres positioned in other motels but keep in mind you will have to transfer there each morning. This switch can add considerably to the length of your diving day. Hurghada is a thriving vacationer destination with some excellent diving accessible via day trips and liveaboards. Diving Hurghada is about spending an unforgettable days in some of the best snorkeling and diving sites in Hurghada.
  13.  <div itemscope="" itemprop="mainEntity" itemtype="https://schema.org/Question">       <div itemprop="name">           <h2>Are there great white sharks in Egypt?</h2>          </div>       <div itemscope="" itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemtype="https://schema.org/Answer">           <div itemprop="text">               <p>Only three sharks are considered to carry out unprovoked attacks on humans: the Great White, Tiger and Bull. None of these species are found in British waters.</p>              </div>          </div>     </div>