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  2.  Four advice on construction and investment handling of Projects with Officetel and Condotel Flats
  3.  The Ministry of Construction has granted the state Dispatch No. 4308/BXD-HDXD regarding the investment and construction management of projects with condotel (a hybrid of condominium and hotel), officetel (a hybrid of place of work and accommodation) apartment rentals, holiday resort cottages or shophouses.
  6.  According to this document, in order to continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the state authority over the management of construction investment, the Ministry of Construction requests the People’s Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities to order relevant agencies and units during the process of their management of construction investment, or construction authorities during the process of their implementation of administrative procedures, for construction investment projects with condotel, officetel apartments, resort villas or shophouses should keep the followings in their mind:
  7.  Very first, when evaluating and approving zoning construction and plans ideas, People’s Committees of centrally-affiliated cities and provinces must guarantee that these strategies are conforming to technological standards and regulations in power, and offer clear information about how big the construction floor area, the number of flats and residents for your agreement ofofficetel and condotel, holiday resort villa or shophouse capabilities to ascertain the conditions and demands about social and technical facilities.
  8.  Secondly, when choosing investment policies for construction investment projects with all the earlier mentioned real-estate varieties, it is needed to ensure the correspondence between investment purposes or land makes use of and processes of construction projects; keep in mind that the formation and development of this type of real-estate needs to be ideal to the community actual condition over amounts of time.
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