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  1. <div style="background-image: url('https://adtogame.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2.png'); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; color: white; padding-bottom: 100px;">
  2.     <div class="container" >
  3.        <h1 style="margin-top:20px; margin-bottom: 20px; padding-top: 60px;">Become an advertiser</h1>
  4.        <ul style="margin-bottom: 22px;">
  5.           <li>
  6.              <strong>Reach your targeted group of gamers</strong>
  7.              <ul>
  8.                 <li>Millions of potential recipients for your ads all across the world. </li>
  9.                 <li>We are offering access to a cross-section of recipients from all popular gaming groups. Our audience is strongly focused on multiplayer and mobile gaming. Our target group is profiled to a wide range of recipients including different age range, software and hardware configurations.</li>
  10.              </ul>
  11.           </li>
  12.        </ul>
  13.        <ul style="margin-bottom: 22px;">
  14.           <li>
  15.              <strong>Build brand awareness</strong>
  16.              <ul>
  17.                 <li>Present and expand brand awareness of your company and products to the audience from almost 230 countries. </li>
  18.                 <li>Our affiliate program allows you to gather a new community around your products. Versatile methods of presentation are our key to raise brand awareness of your company.</li>
  19.              </ul>
  20.           </li>
  21.        </ul>
  22.        <ul style="margin-bottom: 22px;">
  23.           <li>
  24.              <strong>We will take care of everything</strong>
  25.              <ul>
  26.                 <li>We provide a professional and highly customized customer service, free of unnecessary formalities!</li>
  27.                 <li>Our simple and intuitive customer service guarantees the highest level of user experience allowing you to focus on expanding your business with us.</li>
  28.              </ul>
  29.           </li>
  30.        </ul>
  31.        <p><a href="mailto:info@adtogame.com" style=" background-color: #6931f9; height: 60px; border: 2px solid #6931f9; color: #fff !important; margin: 10px auto; line-height: 60px;" class="btn-default">CONTACT US<i class="fas fa-arrow-right"></i></a></p>
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