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  1.  Depart a request for consultation
  2.  Publish your enrollment app to decide on the proper service and have assistance from Netca.
  3.  Create a software program installing invoice design
  4.  Companies are starting to make e-invoice notices, decision files, and web templates for statements or e-signature professional services.
  5.  Deploy and make use of - get outcomes
  6.  Netca later on obtained a whole finalizing request. In certain days, businesses can legally use the service.
  7.  Benefits associated with Netca e-invoice
  8.  Save time
  9.  One of the primary benefits associated with electronic invoicing is greater output.
  10.  There are less numerous functions for developing electronic digital invoices in Netca as conventional invoicing, enterprises can certainly create and use statements in the actual supplier's method.
  11.  E-invoice at Netca is an e-invoice management answer for enterprises. Assisting enterprises save time by utilizing electronic signatures instead of straight signatures on statements.
  14.  Cost benefits
  15.  Electronic digital invoices at Netca play a role in cost benefits for enterprises, buyers ... exchanging awkward and high priced document invoices.
  16.  E-invoice at Netca is an e-invoice control option for enterprises. Helping businesses save time by using electronic signatures as opposed to straight signatures on invoices.
  17.  Netca's e-invoicing and electronic digital trademark option will assist enterprises conserve numerous an incredible number of VND per year by reducing the expense of storing, generating, hauling statements, and more.
  18.  Consumer basic safety
  19.  Many typical troubles like: Loss of invoices during delivery, reduction in memory in the course of finalizing or unauthorized accessibility will not be an issue for the Netca program with a information maintenance time of more than 10 years.
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