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  1.  I watched this wonderful movie on one of several sites called https://www.123movieshelper.com/ , and I absolutely liked the film, including this great site - quickly video loading, top quality and minimal ads.
  2.  I started watching this series years ago and I confess,'The Office'immediately sucked me in.
  3.  What's so great in regards to this show?
  4.  The climate of a cubicle is perfectly rendered. Probably, this is basically a result of the deficiency of music. She's not there at all. Earlier it did actually me that music must be mandatory in TV shows and in films, but here it turns out to be completely useless. This series has a very subtle humor, as well as humor is just incomparable, unique. Not less than I have not seen a TV reveal that somehow resembles "The Office" in its jokes.
  5.  Awesome acting.
  6.  Steve Karel as Michael looks very realistic. The hero he created is merely good! It truly is impossible to observe the actions with the boss without laughing. Really the best role of Karel so far.
  7.  John Krasinski as Jim Halpert also looks very good. A funny character who loves to play a trick on Dwight. The skill of your actor is felt. He makes faces very funny.
  8.  Raine Wilson as Dwight. Another very funny character. He's Michael's eternal assistant in everything, and it appears he does not mind! His behavior, look, manner of communication are simply not repeatable.
  9.  Jenna Fisher is good for the role of her character Pam. A good girl who sits on the reception. Pam and Jim's relationship is extremely interesting to watch. Everything is tough there!
  10.  The supporting characters play great - Ryan, Kelly, Stanley, Phyllis, Angela, Andy, Toby, etc. The whole cast looks very organic. We reveal the of each and every hero gradually, not immediately. Each character is incredibly interesting, as well as viewer involuntarily feels sympathy for all the characters inside series.
  11.  A great innovation in the director will be the conversation on the hero to the camera. The character expresses his feelings, emotions in a unique situation in which he found himself.
  12.  Really the only frustrating thing is that each one the characters of your series'Office'(with the exception of Karel) cannot show up in every other well-known projects. Pay attention to them!)
  13.  Normally, the series is only class, I advise everyone. This is critical see!
  14.  Look, require a drag ...
  16.  Honored 10 out of 10