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  1.  WASHINGTON - U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Thursday could not claim whether the Obama administration was against one more oil result cut by OPEC when the manufacturer group satisfies on March 15, and that he would certainly need to learn the management's position.
  2.  " I would certainly have to look a lot more right into the specific details of what they're (OPEC participants) taking into consideration and what, you recognize, I'm not the administration fairly truthfully," Chu informed reporters at the Platts Energy Podium, when he was asked if the Obama administration was against OPEC cutting oil result at its March conference.
  3.  " I will certainly be talking and also learning more about this in order to determine what the U.S. setting ought to be and what the president's position is," Chu claimed.
  4.  Chu claimed he intended to talk with energy priests from OPEC member countries, however he did not know if those discussions would occur in advance of the producer group's March meeting.
  5.  Chu's comments follows his statements on Wednesday, when he stated it was "not in my domain" to weigh in on whether OPEC ought to reduce its oil production degrees.
  6.  The International Power Agency, the energy guard dog for industrialized nations, stated an additional reduction in OPEC oil manufacturing would even more elevate as well as tighten up global materials oil costs.
  7.  Talking with reporters earlier this month in Williamsburg, Virginia, Chu stated, "I rather frankly do not focus on what OPEC should do."
  8.  Chu said he wants what Americans can do at home to fix the country's energy problems, such as using extra renewable energy.
  9.  On other oil problems, Chu stated on Thursday he would need to "look at the elements" of perhaps postponing oil distributions to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve this spring if even more supplies were needed in the marketplace to assist keep U.S. gasoline prices from spiking.
  10.  Throughout its last days in power, the Bush management granted contracts to add concerning 17 million barrels of oil to the emergency stockpile.
  11.  Concerning 13 million of those barrels are arranged to enter into the reserve over March and also April, which is when U.S. fuel demand generally begins to raise as driving choices up in the spring.
  12.  If https://www.irodtpmp.com/ cut manufacturing at is March meeting and also fuel prices starting rising sharply, Chu indicated there was little bit he could do to postpone oil shipments to the stockpile so more materials might stay in the marketplace. He said those oil distributions were most likely "a done bargain."