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  1.  Seventy-seven fresh COVID-19 cases were described on Thursday, going again to two numbers after a day’s spurt for you to 113, with disease protection authorities on alert because Koreans travel around the country over Chuseok.
  2.  Reduced instances were reported due to the fact a lot less people were being screened about Wednesday, the 1st day of Chuseok vacations.
  3.  A total of 5 various, 436 COVID-19 tests were being administered on Wed, approximately 45 percent less compared to 9, 955 on Tuesday.
  4.  The daily number of new cases shot upwards after mid-August to more than 400, steadily reduced and remained in the plenty for 17 consecutive days through Sep. 19, and has now ranged between 38 together with 125 since.
  5.  The different conditions reported on Thurs night produces the country’s aggregate volume of COVID-19 cases so far to be able to 23, 889.
  6.  Of the seventy seven different cases, 67 were being neighborhood infections, and the sleep were imported cases.
  7.  By region, 50 of them were in the Seoul metropolitan region – 30 in Seoul, 17 inside Gyeonggi Region, and several in Incheon.
  8.  New circumstances were included to cluster infections at Nilai The hospital, a new psychiatric the hospital in Seoul’s northeastern section of Dobong-gu (30 cases so far); Yemaru Daycare Center, a new nursing property in Dobong-gu (30 conditions so far); and Daewoo The O’ville Plus, some sort of studio house building throughout Seoul’s southeastern district connected with Gangnam-gu (54 cases so far).
  9.  Involving https://taziex82.biz/ brought in conditions, six were validated from airports and seaports about arrival, even though four were being confirmed during obligatory self-isolation after entering the country.
  10.  3 came in through Of india, two from Uzbekistan, one particular each from Kazakhstan, The ussr, Indonesia, the US in addition to Tanzania.
  12.  By nationality, a pair of ended up South Koreans.
  13.  Two different people died, bringing the country’s COVID-19 death toll for you to 415, and average loss of life charge of COVID-19 cases to at least one. 74 per cent.
  14.  Presently, 107 confirmed cases happen to be in serious as well as chronic conditions, all the way down from 109 a day ago.
  15.  60 to 70 five confirmed people had been unveiled from remote location, taking the x number number regarding discharged cases for you to twenty-one, 666.
  16.  A total of just one, 808 patients are staying treated within isolation.
  17.  Close up to 2. thirty-three zillion COVID-19 tests have been used in Korea, and over 2. 28 million screened damaging, while another 20, 029 are awaiting test success.