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  1. Kingdom hearts:Dawn Of Shadows
  2. 7th January, 2021
  3. Prologue:”to seek light, you must find the one with the most pure of hearts,to fight the shadows you must gain the key to hearts,to seal darkness you must lock the door”
  4. Chapter one:Awakening
  6. “Falling deep into the darkness no light to be seen but to see only the light” says the strange voice.Zaxin wakes up on an island”Where am I?.””You’re on destiny islands welcome” says a young girl. Zaxin asks”Who are you?” She responds with”My name is Nami but you can call me N. It's nice to meet you.” He stands there staring at Nami for a few seconds thinking about where he was before here and the name of it but can’t recall anything at all. Zaxin doesn’t remember anything he lost his memory, but remembers a good family friend named Sora.”Hey Nami do you know anyone named sora.” he asks she says yes and that sora  was a kid that used to live on the islands but left years ago.Then he remembers.
  8. Chapter 2: Memories of Hollow Bastion
  9. The place Zaxin was in before here was called Hollow Bastion, an old palace that had its fair share of war between light and dark.His family had fallen into darkness and so did he almost but was somehow brought back by a strange voice and a sudden burst of light and ended up on destiny islands. He laughed and yet an overwhelming shade loomed in the air. A heartless known as darkside nami starred in fear and zaxin ran up in front of nami protecting her.  And a bright light burst through the shade and a bond keyblade was formed called fates intertwined, a kind of union key used in the first keyblade war. It was when two friends protected each other when the keyblade was born. He grabbed it and faced the heartless, the very heartless that took his home hollow bastion. This is destiny’s force, a power that cannot be controlled or manipulated; it can only be stopped by beating the heartless. Zaxin stared down the heartless with a look of determination and memories flashed before him but he pushed them away and rushed to the heartless. “You took my home! My family! You will not take anything else!” He was fierce with no experience with the keyblade; he was exceptional at sword fighting. A skill he had inherited from something unknown. The heartless slammed his fist on the ground and heartless began to rise from the pool of darkness. He began to take them out one by one and nami shouted “Aim for the eyes! It seems to be weak there!” Zaxin nodded as she shouted and so he rushed up the heartless arm and the heartless flailed he knew what was coming and so zaxin struck the eye and a flare shade of purple spewed from it’s eye weakened and destiny islands were starting to get sucked up into a giant orb in the sky red with a tint of black. They had reached the keyhole to destiny island’s core. And they were sent into the abyss only to end up in a familiar town. Some may call...Traverse town.