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  4. Novel-Pocket Hunting Dimension-Pocket Hunting Dimension
  5. Chapter 922 - This Insectoid Isn't Bad! fresh prickly
  6.  first rate man of war
  7. Liu Zhiyun shook his brain. He was intending to chat, even so the brutal chi on the insectoid soared all over again.
  8. Because the asteroids shaped, an undetectable influx spread all through his entire body. His mental power, entire body, nature power, and all sorts of other facets received unprecedented electrical power upgrades.
  9. Lu Ze resolved her asleep placement and nodded.
  10. ‘An insectoid lair showed up?’
  11. Regarding his power, he would definitely turn out much stronger than previously now soon after attaining the cosmic technique declare, correct?
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  13. Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying and then faded from the spot.
  14. Liu Zhiyun shook his mind. He was intending to communicate, however the violent chi with the insectoid soared just as before.
  15. He was anxious for Nangong Jing, but she suddenly disappeared. He couldn’t comply with her in any respect.
  16. But…
  17. He quickly peaceful his fist.
  18. “Hold on!”
  19. ‘Wait!!!’
  20. Section 922: This Insectoid Isn’t Awful!
  21. “Hahaha! We held on! We presented on!”
  22. Liu Zhiyun appeared curiously at this gentleman.
  23. ‘He did not make use of any force….’
  24. He did not look at it by any means.
  25. Liu Zhiyun’s term improved. “Careful, this insectoid is rather formidable!”
  26. Lu Ze: “???”
  27. “What happened just then?”
  28. Lu Ze could have the never-ending ability on the inside his human body. He clenched his fists.
  29. Nangong Jing reported, “Why did you only end up now? We were almost killed.”
  30. Dragon Boat Translation
  31. It didn’t expect such a vulnerable race to create fearsome prodigies. It would turn out to be outrageously formidable following devouring them, correct?
  32. When the fluctuation paid out down, Lu Ze slowly started his vision. There appeared to be infinite superstars...o...b..ting in the profound glowing blue eye.
  33. Before long, the tremors calmed downward. Folks checked around with skepticism.
  34. In the following second, he observed Nangong Jing with Qiuyue Hesha as well as other ladies. She was being untruthful within the hands of your unfamiliar person.
  35. ‘How dare they bully his harem?’
  36. But…
  37. In the following next, he discovered Nangong Jing with Qiuyue Hesha and the other young girls. She was lying from the arms of any not familiar guy.
  38. Ying Ying was slumbering in his room…
  39. These folks were definitely confident in Lu Ze.
  40.  tom o'bedlam narrator
  41. ‘How dare they bully his harem?’
  42. All the people who had been rejoicing observed the thunderous rattle across s.p.a.ce and close to the planet.
  43. Everyone was pleased.
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  45. Her eye-sight blurred, and she reappeared alongside Qiuyue Hesha and also the other girls.
  46. That prodigy’s trend was stronger than Nangong Jing’s. His fight electrical power would surely surpa.s.s hers as well.
  48. Homepage: https://www.grapenovel.com/novel/chapters/pockethuntingdimension-blueskywashingrain