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  1.  For many years printing a newsletter to keep employees and customers informed has been a staple of many businesses and, even in this day of internet and email, https://gazeteapp.com/gazeteler/sozcu-gazetesi-manseti-oku hard copy print is even more credible as it suggests reliability and stability. All statistics prove this. But, until recently, printing a newspaper to accomplish the same thing as a newsletter has been unfeasible. This is no longer true, so comparing the two mediums may just surprise you.
  2.  It is important to keep your name before customers and employees. The newsletter has been a wonderful tool to accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, using a newspaper to accomplish this same objective has never been available at a reasonable price or without expensive graphic programs. With advancements in technology and new processing, however, publishing a newspaper rather than a newsletter is now actually more affordable and offers much more room for content.
  3.  https://gazeteapp.com/gazeteler/sozcu-gazetesi-manseti-oku/
  4.  Let us examine the benefits of printing a newspaper over a newsletter.
  5.  SPACE
  6.  Getting your message across is very important. Newsletters, to remain cost effective, usually have limited space. A typical 8.5 x 11 newsletter gives you enough space for a short message, a few small pictures, and little else. Obviously, choosing a larger format will give you more options. The typical newsletter sizes are: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, 11x25.5.
  7.  Taking the largest newsletter format, 11x25.5, and folding it in half provides a business with four pages worth of information at 11x12.75. In this size, you could have a lot of information given to your customers. Unfortunately, it is very, very expensive.
  8.  A newspaper, on the other hand, usually starts at 11x28, or folded in half, four pages of 11x14. The base size for a newspaper is larger than the largest format offered by most newsletter companies. The ability to convey your message in a newspaper format is much more readily available. Giving yourself more room allows for more information that will be relevant to customers and employees.
  9.  COST
  10.  Cost is important to most businesses, particularly small businesses. Newsletter printing is a booming business and there are many companies that offer this service. I have found only one company that offers newspapers to the general public (something known as short-run newspapers).
  11.  A short research into the cost of newsletter printing revealed the following:
  12.  The average cost of printing 5000 newsletters:
  13.  1 page at 8.5x11, front color, back b&w, - $550
  14.  4 pages at 11x12.75, (half color, half b&w) - $1,600
  15.  Note: prices do not reflect shipping or mailing services.
  16.  There is very little out there that will print a newspaper for a business at a cost that is anywhere reasonable. Normally, to retool the presses to accept what you are trying to do costs more money than it is worth-with a few exceptions. A bit of more intensive research will reveal that printing a newspaper is much more cost effective if you can find the right printer.
  17.  The average cost of printing 5000 newspapers is:
  18.  4 pages at 11x14, (2 pages color, the rest b&w) - $499
  19.  8 pages at 11x14, (4 pages color, the rest b&w) - $599
  20.  16 pages at 11x14, (4 pages color, the rest b&w) - $949
  21.  Note: prices do not reflect shipping or mailing services.
  22.  See end of article for source of prices.
  23.  For less money, you can print a 4 page newspaper that has 4 times the room than the 8.5x11 newsletter format typically available. If you have the time and content, you can print a 16 page newspaper that contains over 4 times the amount of space the largest newsletter format offers for almost half of the total cost.