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  1.  The Bolingbrook Playing golf Club offers achieved naming as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program to get Golf Courses.
  2.  Rob Gerdes, golf course superintendent, completed the effort to obtain sanctuary status on the property. Bolingbrook Club can be one of over nine hundred courses in the entire world to hold the title regarding Audubon Cooperative Refuge.
  3.  "Bolingbrook Golf Club has displayed the strong commitment to the environmental program. Many people are for being commended for their efforts to give a sanctuary with regard to wild animals on the golf study course house, " Christine Kane, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER at Audubon Meeting place, claimed in a announcement release from Audubon Cosmopolitan.
  5.  https://sansur.org/ regarding Bolingbrook and Mayor Jane Alexander-Basta are most appreciative for you to Bolingbrook Golf club for efforts in water efficiency, protecting nature fauna together with increasing native acreage for the property. Bolingbrook Golf Membership can be a new community advantage for everyone residents to enjoy.
  6.  "To reach certification, the course must display that they are maintaining a high quantity environmental good quality in a number involving places, " Kane claimed in the release.
  7.  These categories contain: environmental planning, wildlife plus habitat supervision, outreach and even education, chemical work with lowering and basic safety, normal water efficiency and water top quality administration.
  8.  Bolingbrook Golf Club’s accomplishments include substantial indigenous plot on the house, reducing irrigated regions in order to conserve water, developing buffers around water bodies and conducting outreach as well as education activities