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  1.  A room somewhat clouded with cigarette smoke, a kitchen table about which is placed a variety of stylishly dressed folks dedicated to the video game, as well as a croupier - practicallyprofessional and invisible, within a white tshirt, bow and vest tie up. He supports the casino clients, manages the video games, explains the principles ... This picture of the casino and also the job is generally introduced in books and films. This picture is not always close to reality, as you might guess. So, what does working in a casino look like? Precisely what does a dealer do and who is able to grow to be one? Simply how much can you earn in this placement?
  4.  Who is the stickman?
  5.  It needs to be confessed that, in spite of the discrepancy involving stories and fact, what the dealer does actually matches the business presentation from the movie and also the reserve - he releases games in which casino consumers participate, and in addition screens the group and their right course. The dealer also can behave as an inspector. What does it mean? In this situation, it screens the behavior of visitors and identifies achievable fraud. In addition, he assessments and tracks the project of the croupier who may be enjoying the overall game at the moment.
  6.  Therefore, it seems obvious that the person taking this position must know the rules of the game - this is necessary not only in their implementation, but also to ensure the correct behavior of clients. However, if we're just applying for this job, we don't have to worry if we don't know everything. Gambling establishments normally coordinate correct courses after selecting to make long term personnel with this.
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