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  1.         Hi there,
  2.         I recently came back from new restaurant in my city. It is Asian type restaurant, precisely Thailand food. I’ve never been in such place like this before. Design and furniture was completely special. There was also a lot of space for anyone, these days it is a good point cause of corona virus isn’t it?
  3.         I was doing a little research, to try some new dishes in my hometown. Especially I was looking for something really good because I wanted to hang out there with my girlfriend. I found a lot of good recommandations online so I decided to choose that one.
  4.         Literally, during my visit happened something hilarious, waiter broke a jar with a water just in front of me! It happened so fast so I couldn’t to anything but fortunetly nothing wrong happened to me. Waiter showed class, he apologized to me and brought us 2 extra jars of water.
  5.         In my opinion this modern design and unique menu will attract a lot of new customers. But I think their waiters need to practice a little bit more. I’ve really enjoyed my time there, even with that accident which happened to me.