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  2. On September2021 and 9, the Government issued Resolution 105/NQ-CP on supporting businesses, business and cooperatives households in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic - solutions to support businesses because of covid.
  8. The solution sets out several groups of jobs to support businesses as follows:
  10. 1. Create situations for businesses to develop and recover
  12. According to simplified procedures in September 2021, Implement effective and drastic measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic while creating favorable conditions for enterprises to develop, recover and maintain business and production through amending and reviewing regulations. on health insurance in the direction of allowing health insurance to pay for medical treatment and examination costs from a distance with a fee.
  14. Particularly:
  16. - The Us Government allocated the Ministry of Health to imagine the prime duty for, and coordinate with branches, units, ministries, agencies and localities in continuous to rationally and effectively allot resources of COVID-19 vaccines.
  18. - The Government asked for the Ministry of Information and Communications to advertise the bond from the platform to support far off medical treatment and examination to completely in the district and commune amounts; promulgating an electronic manual to steer the reply to COVID-19;
  20. - Promote research, technological innovation move, manufacturing of vaccines and drugs to treat COVID-19 in Vietnam.
  22. 2. Making certain secure smooth, efficient, production and safe flow of products, defeating supply sequence disruptions.
  24. Particularly:
  26. - Instructing localities to uniformly put into action the "eco-friendly channel" for road and waterway transfer nationwide, inter-provincially and inter-regionally to move products safely and securely.
  28. - The Ministry of Industry and Trade should certainly think the perfect accountability for, and match with pertinent agencies, localities and ministries in strengthening market management, guaranteeing the balance of important materials and items.
  30. Timely deploy strategies to get rid of creation disruptions, make certain source and intake, specially food items, meals and vital buyer merchandise when utilizing social distancing actions association in condition control and prevention.
  32. - Let businesses to send scanned copies licensed by electronic digital signatures with paperwork that need to be presented as originals as papers / notarized / qualified true clones to fix bottlenecks when customs clearance of goods ...
  34. 3. Support to reduce expenses, take away financial hardships and cash flow for cooperatives, enterprises and business families
  36. - Promulgating an insurance plan to lower the repayment or support in the stability from the brief-word social insurance fund, being carried out Sept 2021.
  38. - Proposal to waive fees for past due settlement of societal insurance plan developing in 2020 and 2021, to get carried out September 2021.
  40. - Support to lower power bills, reduce electric power price ranges (phase 5) for buyers using electricity according to an order, processes and legal rules; strictly make sure, the best topics, not to be exploited for insurance policies.
  42. - Implement policies to reduce and relax fees, land, charges and taxes rents following being promulgated by skilled respective authorities; preferential tax insurance policy for shipped in items to fund epidemic control and prevention right after getting authorized by the Authorities...
  44. 4.Produce ideal situations for workers and experts
  46. - In Sept 2021, release the situations for giving, certifying and extending job enables for foreign people doing work in Vietnam but need to guarantee security to prevent and management the pandemic.
  48. - Permit enterprises to negotiate with staff to increase extra time time/month in step with the Covid-19 epidemic…
  50. The Federal Government phone calls about the business cooperatives, business and community households to advertise patriotism, self-reliance and personal-reliance to beat difficulties, encourage production, business, sustainable improvement, solidarity and typical be a part of palms to address the high incidence, leading to the effective execution from the set up goals and jobs of socio-monetary advancement.
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