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  1. Emerging technologies are those whose commercialization, commercial applications, or both are relatively unrealized, for either a lack of a market demand, technological barriers to entry, or a delay in realizing its potential. Just as the term "oxymoron" describes a situation where something is strikingly similar to what was earlier thought to be an obvious comparison, the same applies to technologies with which most people are not familiar. Often, it can be hard to tell what is really out there until something happens that makes it painfully clear. Take, for example, wireless charging. Once, the subject of science fiction and fantasy, the ability to charge electronic devices at will has now become a standard feature of smart phones and other portable electronics. Windows 10, however, already has introduced wireless technology within its default settings.
  3. As the term suggests, emerging technologies are those that are appearing from nowhere and are radically changing the way we do things. These include nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and a whole host of technologies developed over the past half decade or so. Each of these technologies has an impact on our day-to-day lives, and many of them hold the promise of enabling mankind to escape the constraints of gravity and to live a fuller, more meaningful life. So what is windows 10 and all the emerging technologies that came along in its wake?
  5. First, let's take a look at the main article, which briefly outlines what all the emerging technologies are: first, in terms of form, humanity has always been interested in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the study of matter, especially in the nano-photon level, for the purpose of manipulating it. There have been some truly groundbreaking accomplishments in this area in recent years, such as engineering the production of collagen which can be injected into burn victims to rejuvenate their skin (that's just the tip of the iceberg); designing artificial intelligent robotic androids that can heal themselves; and creating fuel cells that can power vehicles without using fossil fuels. This is just a small sampling of what has been done in this arena.
  8. active win 10 is another area that are experiencing rapid advancements in technology, and as you might guess, there is also a very interesting potential for robots to take over most of the work that used to be done by people. Just consider the advances that have been made in regards to computer chips and digital circuits: they are getting smaller, faster, and more complex. Robotic machinery is taking over most of the tasks that were once the domain of humans. We may soon see our clothes being able to wireless sync with our eyesight, our immune system uploading itself into a robotic body, and so forth.
  10. Artificial intelligent software, also known as AI, is another one of the emerging technologies that has opened up vast horizons in business opportunities. A large portion of this has come from computers and their various programs, including self-driving cars, chat robots, virtual assistants, decision making robots, etc. It used to be that a human was needed to actually program these artificially intelligent machines, but now it is possible for even the most uneducated person to design such a system. As time goes on, we will begin to see artificial intelligent software interacting not only with its own operator but with other humans as well. As we can see, the possibilities for business opportunities are virtually endless, and they are only getting larger.
  13. All of these emerging technologies have given us a lot to think about, and some of them are truly awesome. Of course, all of this is pretty scary stuff, as we are not really sure what kind of world we are going to live in if such things as these ever become commonplace. Nevertheless, even if things remain relatively stable, it will certainly be exciting to watch. One main article that you should definitely read in order to be prepared for the future is "Darpa - The Next Decade of Computing." This main article provides you with just an overview of some of the emerging technologies that are creating a lot of exciting things in our future and also discusses the sorts of things that are likely to be incredibly helpful.
  16. Website: https://viptoolaz.com/active-win-10-vinh-vien/