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  2. ||Bosses are the Herald of Finality and the Witness. The Witness is fucking MASSIVE it seems like, and its limbs are around in at least one encounter.
  4. 12-player leaks so far:
  5. ||Story is that we have to unmake the Witness and kill it once and for all.||
  6. ||It seems as though we have to destroy Veiled statues to sever them from the Witness, and destroy the Witness's cornerstones to bring in light to the arena. At one point, we go into the Witness? And gather darkness.||
  10. ||We go into the Portal and explore the area and try to find Crow. We follow a "bird of light" but finds that the Witness has a hold on Crow. It seems as though the Witness is trying to convert people by using their memories against them, and they use Crow's "denial" (of his identity before?) to manipulate him. We free him, but then we dive into his memories it seems like?||
  11. ||The Witness "fractures" guardians occasionally, which you can take from your teammate. You have to go to the Light to stop it.||
  12. ||Next, we gotta find Zavala. We apparoach a veiled statue and seemingly get the "Aegis" (shield?) from it. We go into several temples and use it to break the Fanatic's shield with the help of Targe, Zavala's ghost.||
  13. ||Zavala has his encounter with the Witness. He believes the only way to live is to give into the Darkness. We convince him to not go to the Darkness, but it sounds like he then runs away. We do something similar like we did with Crow, where we destroy one of his "insecurities" basically: Silence.||
  14. ||We have to find Ikora. Crow thinks he saw her shipwreck, and we see her at a campsite.||
  15. ||Mara gets the ability to Take||
  16. ||Zavala gets in contact with a dissenting voice of the Witness, who tells him how to beat the Witness. Zavala sacrifices his light and his ghost, however, leaving him lightless.||
  17. ||We go to the ritual site where the Witness was created. We use Aegis to block its attacks and attack it. It seems as though Ghost gets heavily damaged during thsi fight.||
  18. ||Ghost dies and Cayde sacrifices himself to bring him back||
  19. Post-Campaign
  21. ||One mission has to do wtih Caiatl helping Zavala cope after the death of Targe.||
  22. ||One mission involves Mithrax an us fighting House Salvation on Europa and in the pale heart.||
  23. ||One mission involves Savathun trying rituals in the Pale Heart. Alongside Mara, we fight her once again.||
  25. Strike
  27. ||Like the vidoc? Said, it takes place in the Witness's memories. The dead ahamkara who are being tormented literally cry to us.||
  29. Strike Rework for Exodus
  31. ||Fallen are back in the exodus black. There's "overchaged" and "stasis shanks" and a ghost hacking section. There is also a "Fallen Disciple" you have to kill at one point.||
  33. Episodes info:
  35. Story:
  36. ||The Witness's death creates an item called an Echo, which drops into Nessus. It holds "Thousands of civilizations across the universe, all visited by the Black fleet. Memories from the victims of the pyramids, held by the darkness, then coalesced by the Light into artifacts as sharp and fatal as their pain". After the Witness's death, the pyramid troops have pledged themselves to Yirix, who is trying to infiltrate Maya's facility.. If Liz's leak about the vex being the next main antagonist is correct, Yirix may likely be the next big enemy. Maya Sundradesh turns into The Conductor, who is able to convert Vex onto her side simply by touching them. She is looking for copies of her wife, but none are satisfying enough for her so she kills them. We try to restore our version of her wife but Maya still doesn't listen to her. In the end, we defeat Maya? But Yirix is still trying to grab her data. At one point, Saint-14 sends us signals back to his tomb. Apparently, Saint goes through a crisis where he cant tell if he is real or simply a copy. Key players appear to be Failsafe, Osiris, Nimbus, and Saint. Radiolite is also introduced which is how the Vex alter things, but the issue now is that radiolite is transforming the Vex, not the environment around them.||
  38. Mechanics:
  39. ||Battlegrounds returns. Battleground: Conduit, Battleground: Core, Battleground: Delve. We get a cabal hammer that we can use to activate "Assimilation Pistons" and get more radiolite samples. We can collect radiolite incubators and radiolite samples and put them in a specimen display in the helm. The more specimen you have, the more upgrades you can get. The hammer regenerates charges as more activities are completed. Radiolite incubators are in Echoes activities where you can strike them with the hammer, which reveals buried radiolite. Another activitiy as well is Breach Executable, which also has an Expert difficulty. There's something called an "Iridisecent Radiolite" that you get from it as well. You can collect specimen in the form of vex parts, etc and you get lore about them as well.||