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  1. content: "213123123213"
  2. deadLine: "2018-11-29T17:30:00.000Z"
  3. taskType: "1"
  4. title: "123123"
  6. org.springframework.web.bind.MethodArgumentNotValidException: Validation failed for argument at index 2 in method: public void pl.wroc.uni.ii.app.group.controllers.TaskRestController.saveTask(long,pl.wroc.uni.ii.app.common.models.Principal,pl.wroc.uni.ii.app.group.models.dtos.TaskData), with 1 error(s): [Field error in object 'taskData' on field 'deadline': rejected value [null]; codes [NotNull.taskData.deadline,NotNull.deadline,NotNull.java.time.LocalDateTime,NotNull]; arguments [org.springframework.context.support.DefaultMessageSourceResolvable: codes [taskData.deadline,deadline]; arguments []; default message [deadline]]; default message [must not be null]]

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