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  1. fiction MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master novel - Chapter 3 - Leveling Up festive sulky share-p3
  4. Novel-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
  5. Chapter 3 - Leveling Up blow society
  6. There was a necromancer on the cave practicing dark magic and also the wastage of his experiments was drained in the below ground discharge program which related the blackwater lake , switching the entire lake black colored.
  7. Rudra smiled their way however decided to go forward
  8.  Novel
  9. 100 silver coins = 1 golden coin
  10. +20Per cent ???????????????? ????????????????????
  11. " Hmm, one other arrogant prick who considers that old man in the hut will provide a objective, perfectly we informed him"
  12. When he inserted the hut , he noticed a old mankind examining the walls , it was actually a painting with the blackwater town ,it had been a really delighted vision.
  13. -30,-30,-45....-30
  14. It alerted a wolf who stumbled on give it a look as he peeked behind the bush
  15. He decided to go back in the community , and moved right to the desolate hut for the side of the community. That hut was explored by a lot of adventurers , mainly because its posture was very unusual , it stood out a great deal . But noone might get a objective since you should be degree 5 first.
  16. "hahahaha" , Rudra laughed madly one escapade obtained him 5 ranges
  17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. +1500 ????????????
  19. INT : 10 STA : 10
  20. These advantages had been vitally important for Rudra as a result he undertook this journey. Also , he aldready recognized the method of cleaning , as a result he would distinct it considerably faster, that is why he dared to simply accept.
  21. There were a necromancer from the cave exercising dark magic plus the wastage of his tests was emptied in the below ground drainage process which related the blackwater lake , changing the full lake black.
  22. Rudra required in the heavy air and accepted the pursuit
  23. ???????????????????? ????????!
  24. He required to slay the nectomancer and show his hideout for the small town main to accomplish the intention
  25. " You are an excellent adventurer, i see developing power soo quickly. Maybe you indeed possess the capacity to assist me to, are available stay sickly narrate you a storyline".
  26.  MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
  27. He necessary to slay the nectomancer and uncover his hideout on the community main to complete the quest
  28. ???????????????????? ????????!
  29. 'Hmm , pretty good for stage 6 , imagined Rudra and geared up the boots' . The loot was good quality especially the 55 bronze coins ..... during this period with the match the coins possessed huge value .
  30. "Nothing at all there companion, no quests"
  31.  steel traps near me
  32. A commoner NPC would acquire about 10-15 silvers 12 months , that was the regular income , thus the cost of the 55 bronze coins was someones time and effort of any thirty days.
  33. and today got 25 unassigned stat tips
  34. +20% ???????????????? ????????????????????
  35.  Novel
  36. He necessary to slay the nectomancer and show his hideout to the town main to accomplish the quest
  37. "program open stat pannel"
  38. With studying a proficiency browse it may well disintegrate but you could instantaneously study a talent with a scroll .
  39. Chapter 3 - Questing Up
  40. Level :
  41. The reason being as part of his former lifestyle a gamer branded quazycupcakes needed this pursuit plus it took him 4 many weeks to clear it. But on clearing he was considering the title of ' savior of blackwater village' as well as subject of an 'baron' during the empire.
  42. -150 HP
  43. ???????????????????? ????????!
  44. As he entered the hut , he saw a classic person examining the retaining wall , it absolutely was a painting in the blackwater town ,it had been an extremely joyful vision.
  45. There seemed to be a necromancer during the cave rehearsing darkish miraculous plus the wastage of his tests was emptied to the below ground drainage technique which connected the blackwater lake , transforming the entire lake black.
  46. But Rudra even at levels 1 believed two abilities he made use of extensively in the past lifestyle
  47. a negetive popularity signifies you will not be encourage in any status possessed services.
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