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  1.  This year Baku organized the inaugural European Gamings, a type of synthetic Olympics that features sports such as three-on-three basketball as well as beach football, in addition to the more acquainted fumbling as well as boxing. There are likewise normal GT touring automobile meets right here, and the city was poised to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix this year, though that's been delayed till 2016. Looming above them all is perhaps Baku's the majority of excellent sight, the Fire Towers. Inspired by Azerbaijan's label, the "Land of Fires", these three flame-shaped towers dominate the horizon, and also have come to be something of a nationwide icon given that they showed up in 2012. By evening, big LED screens offer the appearance of flames licking the sides of the buildings.
  2.  Just trouble is, the air in Baku is polluted-- greatly. There's likewise not much to see between the Kempinski and also the center of community conserve for countless rows of bleak post-communist house blocks and also a big graveyard. Provided the swiftly altering circumstance, we have actually momentarily withdrawn a restricted variety of UK staff as well as dependants from our Embassy. The Consular office remains to perform crucial job, including giving 24/7 consular aid and also support to British individuals in Azerbaijan.
  3.  I'm utilized to seeing those almost everywhere in Tbilisi or Yerevan yet the capital of Azerbaijan turned out to be various. So these rip-offs are not unusual as well as if you visit Baku pay an unique attention when you get a bill or get an adjustment. That's depressing as it ruins the entire picture of the location however unfortunately these situation are occurring in other areas throughout the globe as well.
  4.  I've listened to tales of vacationers being bugged on the border for going to Armenia (however no one was turned back) and also I had all sort of answers prepared in my head. All the records said that the easiest boundary crossing was at the airport, the most awful by roadway and also the rail one in the middle. I need to confess I was fearing the boundary going across to Azerbaijan, like a lot.
  5.  It is extremely touristy however not so popular among tourists from Western Europe or the States, at the very least not yet. Around the nation I've seen restaurants or simply picknic spaces where you might dine in restaurants outside.
  6.  There were tables strewn around in the forest or tiny park so you could delight in the nature and also good food at the same time. I have actually seen individuals offering local produce along the road in many locations, that happens in Poland also. But only in Azerbaijan I have actually seen it on such a huge scale and what captured my interest were not substantial watermelons or succulent tomatoes however jars of maintains, towered nicely on the stalls. When I was travelling in between cities in marshrutkas every time they lugged my backpack to and also from the bus and they were pointing me to the very best seat. The main reason I wished to get the bread from these women was that there are literally no supermarket or bakeries in the center of Baku.
  7.  https://szivarvanyzaszlo.tumblr.com I adore discovering off the beaten path locations (particularly in Central Europe) and also discovering different areas, road art scene as well as local coffee shop culture. If you're preparing to choose day excursions around (as often that's the only way to reach some places, like Khinalug) you should much better do it instantly, when you arrive to Azerbaijan. Currently I've been to 12 out of 15 previous Soviet republics (even I'm surprised by this currently, that I have actually counted) as well as in all of them there're remnants of the old times noticeable virtually all over. I have actually never thought about Azerbaijan as a popular vacationer destination. I was so stunned when I've realized how wrong I was!
  8.  In Sheki, also if it was well after opening hours of Shaki Khans' Royal Residence, there were couple of individuals socializing in the gardens as well as the properties were at some point opened up. On the bus terminal in Baku a young man run to discover my marshrutka to Sheki and also to ensure they will sit for me.
  9.  See the Coronavirus web page for even more info if you're travelling to Azerbaijan throughout coronavirus. I'm working full-time as well as balancing my job with comprehensive journeys throughout the globe.
  10.  Then in marshrutka most of individuals shared their treat with me so when we quit I run to get some as well and also show to them. I shared the compartment with the charming Azeri family members who looked after me via the journey, informing me a lot concerning Baku as well as inquiring about my travels.