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  1. In today's fast-paced world, it's critical to keep your business running well even when you're on the run. Fortunately, there are lots of technology choices which you can use to succeed. But before you dive into mobile technologies, it is critical to clearly first identify your organization needs.
  3. Information technology (IT) is at its best when used to integrate and standardize business operations. For example, if you want to generate job estimates, standardizing the estimating process using technology can generate operational efficiencies that result in better accuracy, faster turnaround times, and ideally, more closed projects. There are various job-estimating solutions, but are they ready to "go mobile?" Alternatively, your organization may need site planning software, a timesheet solution, inventory tracking, project management software, contact management software, and the list goes on and on. After you have determined what you need do to while on the run, then it's time to make some technology choices.
  5. It's possible that your existing line-of-business application can leverage the ubiquity of the Internet using cloud computing. Cloud computing has lots of definitions but in simplistic terms, cloud computing can be an application or resource that is housed outside of your own facility and accessed via the Web. Quite often it is subscription based; therefore, expands or shrinks as needed to meet your present needs. The simplest way to determine if your line-of-business can be acquired on the cloud is to ask the program vendor or your trusted IT service provider.
  7. Before you make the jump to a cloud-based solution, there are a number of questions you should ask, including: Where is my data hosted? How is it secured? How could it be backed up? What if I would like to bring the application form back in-house? How could more info be priced and accessed? Imagine if I need special reports or data fields, am I restricted from creating them? And more...
  9. However, even though your line-of-business application isn't available "in the cloud," you might still be in a position to leverage the Internet to get access to and share information while on the go. Technologies such as for example virtualization, VPN, and terminal servers can make your company information readily accessible from mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets and even smartphones.
  11. Some other questions to consider when making mobile technology choices include how you'd like to interact with the information, for instance, view only versus modify. Dependant on the answer, you might find that working on a little smartphone is not a very practical choice. Perhaps you only need to enter some basic information right into a form and using a smartphone may suit you perfectly perfectly.
  13. With technology changing rapidly and the number of choices expanding daily, it's more important than ever before to keep sight of one's business goals and needs. By integrating mobile technology into your business processes, your company can be more efficient and profitable than your competitors. Need help evaluating and selecting mobile technology solutions? IT Radix is here now to help.
  15. As a practiced IT professional and business proprietor at IT Radix, Cathy Coloff enjoys working with small-to-medium sized businesses on getting the most out of these technology dollars. Technology is serious business, but she likes to have a great time making I.T. work for you.
  16. My website: https://te.legra.ph/Keeping-Your-Business-on-the-Go-05-11-3