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  1.  I watched this wonderful movie on one of the sites called https://www.123movieshelper.com/ , and I seriously liked the movie, including this web site - extremely fast video loading, excellent and almost no ads.
  2.  It's probably stupid to create a review of the series after watching just one single season, but this series amazed me a great deal that I could hardly resist unsubscribing over it ... I can't assess the entire series, since I still haven't see most of the episodes. , until then I am going to only investigate the 1st season.
  3.  At first I'm embarrassed by the fact that the series was filmed using a'shaking camera'available as possible show. And the primary three episodes, I hardly even laughed: the humor from the series is very subtle, and infrequently you should not distinguish an easy joke from sarcasm, irony or perhaps a subtle hint ... And you in a short time get accustomed to both the camera and humor. Gradually you start out laughing and learn about the series many more.
  4.  The series'The Office'tells situation of the paper company'Dunder Mifflin '. Each office worker has his very own character, and each is good and interesting rolling around in its own way. The heroes joke at one another, sometimes swear, and in some cases fall madly in love ... The correct answer is interesting to enjoy these events. And even in a normal, seemingly boring office, interesting stories happen which have been unlikely to let you get bored.
  6.  My cartoon characters on the show are Dwight Schrute (Raine Wilson), who, for some reason, reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory in character, of course the boss Michael Scott (Steve Carrell), who's constantly inventing something and how- it amuses. Are you aware that cast, there's nothing to mention, almost all the actors are perfectly matched, you would imagine in their performance. If you watch, I forgot that this is usually a TV series, it appears like watching real recordings from an actual office.
  7.  Conclusion: After watching season 1, I end up with good impressions. This series is a classic standard of subtle humor. To everyone fans of this genre, I suggest'Office'to watch. I do not believe that he will leave anyone indifferent. But I am going to note that it's not very like such American TV shows as The Big Bang Theory, Friends, etc. What follows is a completely different humor, some other shooting, and there is no laughing behind the curtain, which cannot but rejoice.
  8.  10 outside of 10