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  2.  Cars sold at an auction are sold as-is, without any warranty of any kind, except for any manufacturer warranty still in effect. It may be possible for you to shop around and buy your own warranty on the car, though.
  3.  junk my car for cash Well, that is, it was perfect until a box load of junk from my overhead storage fell on the hood and scratched the heck out of it. I wanted to scream. Actually, I think I did scream.
  4.  Fixing and reselling - If your car is not extremely damaged, it is likely that the automotive company buying it will try to fix it. Naturally, the value of such cars is very low. However, in some cases, old cars are entirely fixed by upgrading the parts and renewing the paint. Such cars are then shipped abroad as 'reconditioned cars'. Naturally, the process involves a lot of investment, especially if the cars being worked on are really old and worn out.
  5.  https://www.cajunkyardsnearme.com/sell-your-car-online-today/ Unless you are buying for parts, you should buy cars that, if not in a good condition, are restorable. Even if you see a rare Shelby sold at a very low price, if everything in it is damaged by rust (well, except the seats), do not even think about buying it. You will be just buying junk, since degradation may occur before you even have the chance to clean up all the rust.
  6.  cash for junk cars near me I decided to test the market yesterday, and sell a piece of jewelry at the highest price I could find that day. So I called five gold buyers and visited the one that gave me the highest quote on the phone.
  7.  If you want to spend less in restoration you have to look for a classic vehicle that is in good condition. Comparison of the models should absolutely be done before you decide to buy the one you like. If you are a amateur mechanic you can probably do the comparison yourself. Otherwise https://www.cajunkyardsnearme.com/sell-your-car-online-today/ can take a professional mechanic along to help you decide which one to buy. Always remember that the less vehicle restoration required the better.