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  1.  The company "Polymer" has become producing polymer film and bags for over twenty-five years. The real key to the secure success is actually a staff of knowledgeable skilled managers, engineers and leaders. Continual changing of the number of equipment, education of employees, use of impressive technologies and researchresearch and development enables the company "Polymer" to get amongst the managers of the Ukrainian industry of polymer merchandise. Leading Ukrainian companies, Western companies as well as other well known brand names location orders for films and packages with and without a logo.
  2.  Contemporary programmed extruders are attached to the extrusion area. The company's toolbox of equipment is complemented by a higher-functionality extrusion series for the production of film. Through the help of our specialized capabilities, we can produce packages and films for any size and modification.
  5.  These are typically biopacks, eco packets (starch), banana packs, T-tee shirt features, rubbish packages, preparing features, company logo features, easy-to-open take care of packs, liner bags, washing laundry bags, dry cleaners and inns. Within the "Items" area you can get accustomed to a list of preferred goods amongst our clients, along with consult with the manager and place an order.
  6.  To achieve this, we use unprocessed resources from well known European and Ukrainian manufacturers. The film is made on the most up-to-date high-tech equipment, the merchandise acquire unique features with adding stabilizers, dyes and bio-degradable additives. Thanks to innovative and scientific approaches, our customers receive products according to their technical requirements.
  7.  More information about plenka termousadochnaya please visit resource: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1820667000/about .