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  1.  I’m waiting for my extra firm $200+ mattress topper to arrive to see if I can get some relief. If some lawyer starts a class action lawsuit count me in.
  2.  I waited for a long time to get this bed. I too believed the hype but sad to admit, I did not do my due diligence. After horrible customer service problems, the bed arrived. I have severe spinal stenosis and I thought it would help my back. I made it to 5 nights and the pain in my back and hip upon waking in the morning is unbearable.
  3.  I fear I will have to eat $4000 to get rid of this farce. I’ll never be able to understand how a CEO of a company can read all of these reviews and not care. My husband and I bought the P5 sleep number bed, and we feel like we were conned into buying this air matress in a box. The good reviews have got to be paid for because these few weeks have been our worst night sleep in a long time. My husband set it to 35, it deflated completely, concaved, and then rose to a stiff bubble saying it reached 35. Furthermore, the bed will periodically inflate and deflate waking us up from sleep, making the matress as firm as a rock. We tried the bed in store, and ours feels nothing like it.
  5.  Save yourself the thousands of dollars paid on this fancy wrapped air mattress, and purchase fabric covered plywood. It is comparable in quality, and would probably give you a better nights sleep than a sleep number bed promises to. I have been a sleep number customer for many years and I loved their beds. I recently moved and wanted to get their latest technology. What a mistake, I wake up in pain every day. I even had to change the mattress for a firmer one but it is not helping.
  6.  It doesn’t matter what setting a use I can’t get comfortable. I will be returning this bed and Sleep Number just lost a very good customer. the issues that have been described by people does have a fix.
  7.  I live in chronic pain 24 hours a day and when I would go to bed, it felt so good. Now I get up in the morning with more pain than ever.
  8.  It was quite and the base moved smoothly up and down quickly as well. The salesman explained how they would remove our old bed frame and mattress and then they would setup and show us how to use the new bed. They then returned, did a less than impressive job and got out without fully explaining much of anything. Once gone we immediately began to notice the issues with the bed and the software application. The pump is so noisy that it will wake you from a sound sleep. When moving the head or feet up and down, you often get errors and it is not smooth and it is noisy. To make matters worse my back and hips have began to hurt after only 2 nights of sleep in this bed.
  9.  I repair most makes and models of beds for home use. I found that the sagging in the middle can be caused by numerous things such as, the air sacks can be installed incorrectly, and by the fact that they are not zipped up together. Sometimes https://www.sleepdreampillow.com/ can be the air sacks could have small holes causing them to leak air causing the pump to overwork it self and to wear out prematurely. When installing the air sacks the hook up for the air hose connection must be facing down towards the base of the bed. Also you can get a 4 inch foam replacement and put it in the top cover and that seems to make the bed feel more comfortable. As far as the remote you could download a sleep number app depending of what model the bed is and operate it by using your smart phone. My back has hurt every single morning after waking up sleeping on their top of the line i10 bed.