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  1.  There has been a number of major news concerning Vainglory and they are a mix of good and bad. Despite this, Vainglory has persisted and maintained its quality. It is a mark of continuous excellence. Even if years go by, it seems like Vainglory is just here to stay.
  2.  What happened to Vainglory in 2019?
  3.  Some time in 2019, Super Evil Megacorp created an agreement with big name Rogue Games for the management and rights of Vainglory. Due to the effects of COVID-19 and maintenance costs, Rogue Games announced in April 2020 that it will be closing all non-Chinese servers. Thankfully, Super Evil Megacorp came back to reinstate the servers; assuring all players that game services will go back to normal. At present, the contract between Rogue Games and Super Evil Megacorp is no longer in effect. The popularity of the game remains consistent despite all of this and Vainglory is here to stay.
  4.  Can you explain the Vainglory ranking system for me?
  5.  Much like most competitive games, there are two game modes in Vainglory which is normal and ranked. The difference between normal and ranked games are their intensity and also the fact that ranked games, as its name suggests, ‘rank’ you. Rank game matches are between players in the same rank. Rank points can go up and down depending on your performance in matches and, of course, your wins. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vainglory/dcnmpnejlinhdlocbciilfdkmhpeejpc in Vainglory is 10 whereas 1 is the lowest. These tiers have sub-tiers called bronze, silver, and gold. These tiers and sub-tiers have corresponding numbers that are calculated based on a player’s relative skill.
  6.  Is Vainglory a PC game?
  7.  Vainglory is a game that was originally released for mobile play. It was first released in iOS and then in Android a few months later. Two years ago, as promised by its maker Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory became a full cross platform game when it was made available on PC. Games.LOL is the best gaming platform to play Vainglory as it offers unrestricted and optimized playing. What truly sets it apart, however, is that Games.LOL offers free playing!
  8.  What is Vainglory Community Edition?
  9.  When Super Evil Megacorp once again took the reins, there were understandably some unease and a lot of questions. As a result, Super Evil Megacorp gave the community a lot of options and capacity to contribute to the game since Vainglory is, of course, for them. This move’s ultimate purpose is to make Vainglory an independent and community driven game. This way, the game becomes more stable and efficient.
  10.  Is ‘Vainglory’ a real word?
  11.  Vainglory means ‘pride in one’s achievement’ or show of pride. The cutthroat environment of a Vainglory match is a perfect translation of the word.