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  1.  Horror games are tricky little buggers that have the potential to either be completely amazing or a complete flop. Sisters: A VR Ghost Story, thankfully, got the good end of the stick. There are a lot of good things going on with the game that adds up to why it is great including the fact that it is to be played as a virtual reality game. Sisters: A VR Ghost Story is a short yet thrilling horror creation that will keep anyone on their toes!
  2.  Can kids play Sisters: A VR Ghost Story?
  3.  Most of the scenes in the game are not violent or nauseating. Nonetheless, some in game content might be frightening for children. The game also has some jump scare elements that are sure to frighten anyone, even adults. Although on application markets the game is categorized for ages 12 and above, it can be advised that the game is best played by older teenagers who could understand and appreciate horror more.
  4.  Can I play Sisters: A VR Ghost Story without a VR headset?
  5.  Sisters: A VR Ghost Story is specifically designed for VR play. This way, the creepy and anxiety-inducing feeling that the game wants to invoke can really come together. Unfortunately, most VR headsets are quite expensive and this might ward off some interested players. The good thing is that there are creations that make VR more accessible for all; like the Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is like a do-it-yourself headset worth $15. Not only is it easy to get, it is also easy to assemble and one only needs a smartphone!
  6.  How do I play Sisters: A VR Ghost Story?
  7.  Apart from being a game, Sisters: A VR Ghost Story is also an immersion. Although the game is short, it is unforgettable and captivating. If these great features are not enough for you, the game also happens to be free! Games.LOL also offers the game at absolutely no charge but with the same optimized mobile VR experience. Just make sure that you have your Google Cardboard and headphones ready to experience full immersion.
  8.  Is Sisters: A VR Ghost Story a hard game?
  9.  Playing https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sisters-game-online/almnnggjkamlpbebnbblffkchfojhgoa is not complicated at all. It is both easy to find and easy to learn. In fact, a lot of players are saying that it is not just a game, it is more of an experience. Even though Sisters VR is short, the feeling of thrill remains the same.
  10.  Is Sisters: A VR Ghost Story a good preface to VR gaming?
  11.  Definitely! When Otherworld Interactive made Sisters, it was featured in Sundance to promote horror in VR. The immersion that Sisters: A VR Ghost Story offers is only achievable through the virtual reality platform. This is a great, albeit scary, start for anyone who is new to the technology.