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  1.  Explore a world that will let you be creative and show who you actually are so you can get into a new adventure. A free casual game, Gacha Life is for anime fans like you. And to better enjoy https://www.pinterest.com/gachalife_pc , there are certain things that you should know about it.
  2.  Ever wondered what Gacha really means?
  3.  Originally, Gacha is a toy machine in Japan that's much like a loot box and this is where a customer puts money into. However, you need to crank the twist so a plastic egg will pop out and you get a prize that you could exchange for a collectible figure that makes a set after you complete it. Just like in video games, you have to spend in-game currency to buy a random item and you will receive a Gacha as your reward.
  4.  Why is Gacha Life really popular, particularly among young girls and teens?
  5.  You can get your favorite characters at some point then you could dress them up while you visit different scenes in the game. You could play a total of 8 games and you also gain gems that you can use to get Gacha, which are generally gifts or items that give energy to your characters when their stamina gets low. In Gacha Life, other players could also be given these items to be able to advance their friendship level. In the Studio Mode, you are allowed to create brief character skits and you can chat with other players so you get to know them well.
  6.  Is it any good to play Gacha Life?
  7.  This multi-activity app can be enjoyed by kids who like to create avatars and give them their favorite outfits. It can be quite complicated, however, in terms of the energy of the characters. This game could be the one for you if you'd like to enjoy several activities.
  8.  How would you like to try the Skit Builder where you create simple animated features?
  9.  It's used by most players to creatively express themselves. While you customize different scenes according to what you want to tell, this is a good way for you to let out what you feel. You've got a story and you want other players to be aware of it.
  10.  Since the game is often played by the younger audience, is it really safe?
  11.  The safety of every app that their children download is often one of the worries of parents. Both parents and kids need to be cautious. When using the Skit builder, you ought to be extra cautious because it is often used by other players to create inappropriate content that is not actually included in the app and the videos are posted online.
  12.  What should be done when kids were exposed to such unsafe conduct?
  13.  You have to talk with them as parents regarding what they ought to do in the event they experience such things. You need to make them understand that they need to focus on other things apart from appearance. It's better to be safe as quickly as possible than to do it afterwards and you'll be filled with regrets.
  14.  For kids who are wondering, how should you create your Gacha Life Character?
  15.  You will have 8 slots in the beginning but you can first try with one character and see the game features before you complete the set. You will have a more realistic feel of the game by having extra characters later on. The personalities among your characters must also have a more realistic combination so they won't look insane. You may want something funny but this is what other users will perceive.
  16.  Are you able to make your Gacha Life characters more alive?
  17.  You will be creating screenshots so be sure to adjust your characters where they will behave according to the story and the situation. It's good that they also open their mouth once they speak However, it is not a good idea if they will all speak all at once so one chat bubble at a time will do. The speaking character should also face the one that he is also speaking with and it should not look the other way. You could try numerous poses and emotes throughout the conversations because these will also make them more alive. Their body language needs to be more natural so the interaction will be livelier.
  18.  What should you avoid while playing the game?
  19.  Make sure to avoid the bullies if you come across them. Really, it isn't good to kill off a character, like getting him involved in a car crash. As this is the most frequent method of killing someone, why don't you try other ways? How about you try some Final Destination effect if you are capable of doing it?
  20.  Making a joke can always be done but why not do it properly? You can’t simply burst out something pointless about clothes and other stuff. What about throwing a very catchy punchline because the game concerns creativity?
  21.  Always have the story straight and be good with your objectives. Be spontaneous but make sure also to be careful. There are also others who are part of the game and it's not only you. You should also consider others while you are taking advantage of your time to enjoy the game.