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  1.  3-in-1 flashlights are available in a mind-boggling assortment of shapes, sizes and configurations. Some goods are literally three different colors of lights in a flashlight body; other flashlights merge various light technologies into one unit. With a quick Web search, you will notice a wacky array of tools matched with lights, too.
  2.  You can also find 3-in-1 Tripod Pelican flashlight, which combine three individual flashlights into one. You need to use a few lights being a single powerful beam, or you can separate each unit for several smaller lights. The item boasts a tripod and swiveling light heads to have an adaptable lighting system that runs using just batteries.
  5.  Other flashlights are made with hunters at heart. These items contain white, red, blue, ultraviolet and green LEDs. The green lights are perfect for reading maps and tracking game, and UV helps you see without scaring away fish. Nowhere mode provides light which makes blood simpler to see at night, in order to find wounded prey.
  6.  Flashlights must be ideal for nighttime safety, and frequently take safety to the condition of self-defense. They look similar to big and durable flashlights, and even, use bright halogen bulbs for illumination.
  7.  Even More Combination Flashlights
  8.  Some join both LED and halogen bulbs into one product. Make use of the LED mode for a bright light that conserves power, or switch the signal from halogen mode for a flashlight with extra reach. Other flashlights let you click through modes that engage ever-increasing amounts of LEDs to supply more light. Still other products put in a red laser pointer to regular LED light functionality.
  9.  If that is inadequate, you'll also find flashlights that combine LEDs, cold-cathode fluorescent and xenon bulbs into one product. The LED mode is ideal for all-purpose use, the fluorescent bulb helps light a tiny workshop and also the piercing xenon bulb uses a large amount of power but provides you with an immense quantity of illumination.
  10.  Their list of innovative flashlights can be a long one, and thanks to continuing technological advances and inventive engineers, that list is only going to expand. If you're a friendly flashlight users or possibly a connoisseur of combination tools, not able to all-in-one lights is bright indeed.
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