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  2. Dac Dia House (Nhadacdia.com) is a brand of any Phu Installed Generation Co., Ltd. specializing in delivering free real estate posting solutions which includes: lease, Buy, sell and rent exchange. Cheap real estate investment, please come to us to be involved in the professional buying and selling process, if you are looking for real estate in Vung Tau.
  4. Renowned expense house
  6. Dac Dia House is an intermediary device connecting buyers, sellers and tenants, leasing in the basic principle of equality, transparency, dealings about the basic principle of voluntary and promotion on such basis as law.
  8. All those wishing to sell can publish on our web site without having accounts. Extremely easy and simple.
  12. We do not participate at the same time of negotiating, costs products, not participating in the transaction procedure for buyers, lessors and sellersrenters and buyers. We are a reputable intermediary that connects folks who want to offer and people who are interested to buy together.
  14. The events in the real estate property purchase and lease purchases should self-assessment and be responsible for all private information, real-estate and property providers when engaging in the financial transaction.
  16. The poster have to bear all accountability to the information posted on Nhadacdia.com. In the event a issue comes up, the poster is responsible for providing documents certifying details associated with the controversial event, problem to Nhadacdia.com along with the complainant. In all cases, the Advertiser accounts for dealing with all claims created by the claimant in relation to property and its linked real-estate services (if any).
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