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  1.  Back on board the boat and the cruise will continue round Marathonisi and Laganas Bay for turtle recognizing. The Caretta-Caretta is a protected species and is certainly one of Zakynthos' most well-known inhabitants. On return to Agios Sosis port, the buses will be ready to return the guests to their resorts.
  2.  <h2>National Marine Park Of Zakynthos</h2>
  3.  Get exclusive access to spots solely locals learn about and take in beautiful views over the vineyards, olive groves and seashores at sunset. Cast out to sea and you will move by the golden beaches of Vassilikos before sailing towards Marathonisi, a pine-clad islet nicknamed ‘Turtle Island'. The purpose's simple – one of its seashores is a favourite nesting web site.
  4.  Changes in the order of the itinerary are at the information's and captain's discretion. Discover caves and personal seashores before cruising to the west coast to observe the sun go down close to the Misithres Rocks.
  5.  On the North West of the island over 20 years in the past a coaster carrying contraband cigarettes was wrecked and washed on the seashore that shaped smugglers cove. Zakynthos, additionally recognized by its Italian name Zante, is an island of two tales. Once you leave the south behind, however, and set off to explore the rest of the island, you'll discover a unique place altogether. Today the seaside is a very fashionable vacationer destination and throngs of people ascend on the seashore every day. Located approximately 36.5 km northwest of Zakynthos and four km west of Volimes, Navagio is simply accessible by boat.
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  7.  This area can also be the breeding floor for the loggerhead sea turtle, which is an endangered species, identified for being very timid. To study extra, visit the park's exhibition heart in Dafni, on the east end of Laganas Bay. http://mullinsvester.kazeo.com/zakynthos-travel-guide-navagio-shipwreck-beach-a203454392 Probably essentially the most photographed and, arguably, lovely seaside in all of Greece, Shipwreck Beach lies in the so-known as Smuggler's Cove on Zakynthos' west coast.
  8.  There's an amazing view of the sunset from here and with the help of an on-board photographer, you are certain to get the right shot. As well as your dive, as an elective extra, there's also the chance to attempt different water sports activities on the day or go snorkelling, as well as spending free time stress-free on the seashore. Route 2 units off within the afternoon from Vasilikos and you may experience the southeast of the island. This 13km round hike will take you alongside the clifftop trails and down onto a few of Zante's lesser-known seashores.
  9.  <h3>Found: The Wreck Of A Ship That Carried Enslaved Maya From Mexico To Cuba</h3>
  10.  Discover the beautiful island of Zakynthos, which is steeped in history and tradition. Get a glimpse of the life on the island away from the tourist resorts whilst enjoying the breathtaking surroundings.