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  1. If you are in the business, or read about skimming or ways of cashing out ATM’s you have for certain heard about ATM Jackpot
  2. It’s a small Malware that gives you large amounts of cash from the ATM Machine using ATM Jackpotting method.
  4. We came upon the Ploutus.D code, most commonly known as the ATM Jackpot last year and we made a few changes to make it easier to cash out.
  6. This new and updated version, you don’t need an insider to install the Malware with an USB.
  8. The Malware can be installed with a simple card with the data written on its magnetic stripe is inserted into the ATM,
  9. it takes no more than a few seconds and gives you access to perform various Tasks, before you needed a keyboard to cashout.
  10. Now you only need a wireless ipad with keyboard to cashout.
  11. After connecting the wireless keyboard, a command-line interface appears, and thieves can use the keyboard to enter combinations of
  12. Fx keys to control the ATM, such as: “F8 F1 F1” or “F8 F4 F5.”
  13. You only need to press F3 and collect your money!
  14. When you buy our software, a step-by-step guide will help you to understand how easy it is to cash out.
  16. Before, the Ploutus.D version, a 8 digit code was needed, now it’s not.
  17. Therefore anyone with the malware can cashout anywhere and work alone.
  19. With an easy and small graphical user interface it’s very easy anyone to cashout, no need to be a master in coding/hacking.
  21. This Malware interface gives you access the service provider information such as cash dispenser,
  22. PIN pad, and card reader information.
  24. This Malware propagates via physical access by an attacker using a card by downloading the malware on to ATM machine. The malware creates the window,
  25. populates the options on the window, and initiates the connection with the XFS manager.
  26. Our updated version, works on cash dispensers on the Kalignite Platform, and can be used effectively against ATMs running on Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.
  28. We have this amazing software for sell. We perfect it and you will use it.
  30. For the payment of 1 Bitcoin
  31. you will receive the malware in a pen,
  32. Malware in a blank card ready to use,
  33. ipad already ready to use,
  34. ebook how to cash out using this method
  38. ccsupport1@secmail.pro

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