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  1.  There has been https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vainglory/dcnmpnejlinhdlocbciilfdkmhpeejpc of major news concerning Vainglory and they are a mix of good and bad. Despite this, Vainglory has persisted and maintained its quality. It is a mark of continuous excellence. It is truly one game that is worth looking out for.
  2.  Is Vainglory shutting down?
  3.  In 2019, Vainglory’s original creators Super Evil Megacorp made an agreement with leading game developer Rogue Games to become the publisher of record of Vainglory. Due to the effects of COVID-19 and maintenance costs, Rogue Games announced in April 2020 that it will be closing all non-Chinese servers. Thankfully, Super Evil Megacorp came back to reinstate the servers; assuring all players that game services will go back to normal. Currently, Rogue Games is officially no longer a part of the game. This problem is probably the biggest one of the game to date but it has proven strong.
  4.  How does Vainglory ranking work?
  5.  Normal and ranked are the two game modes in Vainglory. If you want a casual and relatively stress free game then normal mode is the one for you but if you want a more competitive environment that directly reflects your performance, then play in ranked. Players in ranked are matched with players of similar skills. A player’s rank can increase or decrease based on wins and performance. The highest rank in Vainglory is 10 whereas 1 is the lowest. Under each tier are three sub-tiers which are bronze, silver, and gold. Each tier has an equivalent numerical figure which is computed automatically by the game system.
  6.  Is Vainglory available on PC?
  7.  When Vainglory was first made available in the market, it was only a mobile game. It started with iOS and was later made available for Android. In 2018, Super Evil Megacorp fulfilled its promise of making the game accessible in multiple platforms. The best PC platform where Vainglory could be played is on Games.LOL, an application that has fully optimized mobile games for PC. Even better, it is absolutely free!
  8.  Is there a Vainglory Community Edition?
  9.  Even when Super Evil Megacorp took over the game again, the community was of course restless. Its creators then decided to fully explore all possibilities with the community which is, of course, the game’s backbone. The goal is to create a community driven cross platform game that is fully independent from the decisions of its original developers. This vision of sustainability is what will hopefully happen in the years to come.
  10.  What does Vainglory mean?
  11.  Vainglory is tied to the word ‘pride’ and it basically means ‘a show of pride’. The cutthroat environment of a Vainglory match is a perfect translation of the word.