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  1.  KFC has momentarily turn its doors with Preston Docks and is going to remain sealed for quite a few months, said the particular fast food items giant.
  2.  It explained their popular drive-thru throughout Port Way will be undergoing some sort of refurbishment all of which will continue being closed for around 3 weeks.
  4.  It has been shut down since Tuesday, March 28 and was anticipated to reopen on Friday, November 13-14, but APPLEBEES said it was unable to be able to confirm the reopening date at this stage.
  5.  A good KFC spokesman said: "Fear not really Preston, our eating place is merely closed temporarily for a planned refurbishment, and even we’ll be reunited once more really before long. "
  6.  Sheet metal security fencing has also been placed close to the site and even work vans are already present over the weekend.
  7.  A few outside cladding has been taken off ahead of often the planned revamp and the room has been stripped.
  9.  https://infoonanything.info/ eating places remain open as normal in Fishergate and Deepdale Retail Park.