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  1. made by Totj22 for the members of his Discord Server
  2. Attention:
  3. Runnig the programs on a Virtual machine is recommend! You can also run them on your main PC but on your own risk!
  6. 1. Download Slayer Leecher on our Server
  7. 2. Download the Keywords or use your own ones.
  8. 3. Put the Keywords into Slayer Leecher select pastebin and click one 24 hours for fresh results!
  9. 4. After you have 5000-10000 Link stop it and click on filtring and then on grab.
  10. 5. After that click pass to leecher
  11. 6. Click start (you can use a VPN for this process) let it load until he is finshed.
  12. 7. delete the duplicate by clicking on the "delete duplicates button".
  13. 8. then save the Combo
  14. 9. Use A Checker for that, that you want to check.
  15. 10.Enjoy your Accounts or sell them