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  2.  Aromatherapy can be an ancient practice which utilizes essential oils, meaning the purest essence of an plant, to create internal and external effects. The particular plant combination utilized will depend on the actual required effect. In addition to essential plant oils, aromatherapy employs other natural ingredients for example salts, cold pressed vegetable oils, sugars, milk powders, clays and mud.
  5.  One way to do away with omission or error would be to encourage doctors to test back on every chart before they move on to the next patient. But doctors are seemingly busy, and might not wish to keep the following patient waiting or compromise on clinical priorities. In such cases, internal staff may be assigned using the job of elaborating the doctor's notes into comprehensive charge sheets or case summary. Training and orienting the so deputed staff is crucial before they take control the charge and commence feeding medical billers with charge notes.
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