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  2.  Have you ever played a game and you got addicted to it even though you only wanted to relax and unwind? Oftentimes, this occurs when you play classic word games that involve letters and words. You can play for many hours and move on from one level to another in a fun and entertaining way.
  3.  If you love to play puzzle games, you will see that Word Link is extremely addictive and that's no lie. Expect to have engaged for longer hours while you try to solve a puzzle on the board. In each level, you may face blanks that you will need to fill them in using letters that you will link in order. You have to form different English words which range from two to seven letters. This simple yet challenging word game may also be educational as you train your brain and improve your vocabulary. Have fun searching for variouswords where you can discover extra words that are not on the board. You may also find the longest word in the puzzle and earn additional bonuses.
  4.  â€˘ Over 2000 Levels to Complete
  5.  It is not enough to play with the World Link game in one go because there are over 2000 levels to beat. Do not use any cheats to check your vocabulary and discover your way to the next levels. However, hints can be used if you can not really avoid hard levels and find the right answers on the board.
  6.  â€˘ Available Useful Hints
  7.  Just like any other type of game, no one can avoid getting stuck at a certain level. Thankfully, there are hints that you can use in exchange for 60 diamonds. It will be much easier to advance the next time you realize that the answer is right there but you just can not seem to find it when you unlock more bonus words.
  8.  â€˘ Straightforward Gameplay
  9.  It's not difficult to follow the rules and there are no time limits so you can enjoy a game that is free of stress. You are able to spend longer time to clear each level and move on to the next level to make it simpler for you. There are no penalties if you get stuck and you have the option to leave the game so you can come back later with a fresh start. The game is played if you want to take short breaks in between your busy day.
  10.  â€˘ Daily Puzzle Challenge
  11.  Aside from the usual puzzles, do not forget to solve the Daily Puzzle challenge after finishing level 30 of this game. Clear the crossword puzzle in the daily challenge to earn more diamonds that you can add to your inventory. Get the streak when you return daily to earn loads of diamonds.
  12.  Did you ever thought of how to play Word Link on PC because you need a better gaming experience on a bigger screen? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wordlink/ijhfhbcnldcclmhobjpjpopjholpdhlh and install the game on your desktop or notebook and play without using the emulator. You can also play several mini-games between the regular levels and you will have all the reasons to play the game every now and then.