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  1.  EATON — Meridian Massage Therapy has moved for you to a new location at 1735 N. Barron St in Eaton, across often the street coming from Pizza Shelter and located in the Relaxology Therapeutic Massage developing.
  3.  “Our new location is excellent, ” owner Martha Gardner claimed. “It’s relaxing together with quiet and welcoming. We look forward to welcoming new in addition to existing clients to this kind of area. ”
  4.  Meridian Massage therapy Treatments uses traditional Swedish massages, as well while the range of various other techniques, to relax firm as well as spasmed muscles to help offer its clients the drug free, non-invasive means regarding dealing with problems, maintaining as well as improving physical and mental well-being, together with reducing anxiety. https://ggulba.com/ are available.
  5.  To learn more or perhaps to schedule an appointment, phone or text 937-733-7641 or maybe email MGardnerLMT@frontier. junto de.