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  1. Of the 34 ladies suing the company, 14 mentioned they were underage in movies uploaded to PornHub, and 14 have been victims of individuals charged or convicted of intercourse crimes. Last December, after a wave of backlash over nonconsensual content material on the platform, Mastercard and Visa blocked card users from making purchases on Pornhub. Under scrutiny, MindGeek announced an overhaul of its procedures and took down hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded by unverified customers, deleting 80% of the content material on its web site. During testimony before the House Financial Services Committee in March, Mickelwait referred to as Pornhub a "mega-sex trafficker," and stated the site was infested with non-consensual pornographic content. "The firm knowingly has enabled and profited from mass quantities of intercourse acts induced by drive, fraud or coercion, and the commercial sexual abuse of kids," she stated.
  2. The ex-husband now faces felony charges of forcible rape, domestic assault and non-consensual dissemination of private sexual pictures by posting the video on Pornhub. "We are dedicated to eradicating unlawful content," the corporate said in a press release to CBS News, adding that earlier this yr, the company enacted "essentially the most complete safeguards in user-generated platform history." She stated that the movies' uploads on Pornhub had "way, way worse" of an impression on her than even her blackmailer's preliminary abuse. "It was only when my videos went on websites like Pornhub that my life started to turn into something that I could not live out correctly," she said, including that she stopped eating, leaving the house and once attempted suicide. One former government, who worked at MindGeek earlier than the corporate overhauled its insurance policies, offered info included in the lawsuit against MindGeek.
  4. Victims who spoke with CBS News additionally hope the company will sometime be held criminally responsible. Even after Pornhub deactivated the original video of her rape, she stated the thumbnail image of the video, which reveals her unconscious and bare, continues to populate in Google picture search outcomes to this present day. Ashley mentioned the modifications the corporate made to their web site last yr, which require users to addContent a government-issued ID so as to submit content material, might not have prevented a state of affairs like hers. She mentioned she felt defeated to know that the video was nonetheless on-line.
  5. These cookies will be saved in your browser solely together with your consent. But opting out of some of these cookies might affect your searching experience. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. 18yo, scholar fron a religious college, rich dad and mom, she's the black sheep of the family.
  6. In 2020, Mickelwait based a marketing campaign referred to as Traffickinghub which started a petition to "Shut Down Pornhub." She told CBS News it now has more than 2 million signatures. After learning how many individuals had seen her video on Pornhub, she stated she battled with a sense of disgrace and worthlessness and had to transfer faculties. She couldn't look in a mirror for six months and drew into isolation, she stated, fearful that folks at her new school would acknowledge her. Isabella mentioned greater than 200,000 folks ultimately watched the video — "together with everyone at my college, pretty much," she stated.
  7. "Removed content popped up on all their other sites and no one really cared," he mentioned. "I imply, if you supply everything on the positioning, there's something for everyone," he said. "The extra you might have, the better it's. So for all the free sites like Pornhub, extra content material is at all times better." Traffickinghub says it is "powered by" a non secular group referred to as Exodus Cry, which has been criticized for its efforts to criminalize parts the sex industry and abolish pornography altogether. On its website, Exodus Cry advocates for legal guidelines to "end the sex industry" and "cut back the demand for business sex." Some of the victims within the lawsuit informed CBS News they joined after they discovered their non-consensual movies on Pornhub and reached out to an activist named Laila Mickelwait.
  8.  This Site for Missing and Exploited Children, which investigates reviews of kid sexual abuse, advised CBS News that MindGeek started reporting suspected child abuse to their Cyber Tipline in April 2020. One of those victims is Aubrey, who can be utilizing a pseudonym to protect her identity. She says her ex-husband secretly recorded a video of them having sex, then uploaded it to Pornhub with out her consent or her knowledge.
  9. A draft of the lawsuit says MindGeek "embraced under-age, non-consensual, and pirated content in its business" and claims the corporate "profited from content produced via human trafficking." CBS News spoke with 4 of the 34 girls, together with Isabella, who have joined a lawsuit in opposition to MindGeek, the corporate behind Pornhub and dozens of the world's hottest pornography websites. Isabella, who's using a pseudonym to guard her id, says Pornhub didn't try to contact her to verify her age or to ask whether or not the video had been consensual. PORNHUBDOWNLOADER would not retailer movies neither we maintain copies of downloaded movies. Also, we don't maintain track of obtain histories of our users, thus making using Pornhubdownloader.web completely Anonymous. This is a question we get asked so much and one which is floating all around the internet too.
  10. She stated he coerced her to take sexual photographs and videos, which he later bought as "box units" to different offenders. Some of those videos have been uploaded to Pornhub, and from there, she said, they unfold. After a three-day exchange, Pornhub took down the video, but even then, Aubrey mentioned she found it posted to other porn web sites — renamed and re-uploaded, by users she did not know.
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