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  1.  A get together who controlled an unlawful sports Toto site together with a bet level of 150 billion won was initially ensnared by the prosecution.
  2.  The particular Suwon District Prosecutor's Place of work (Prosecutor Won Hyung-moon) announced on the 3rd of which it acquired arrested about three people, as well as General A, and twenty seven other people, which includes B, intended for breaking the particular National Activities Promotional Take action (gambling beginning, etc. ). In addition, often the criminal prosecution was suspended for a number of people staying out of the country.
  4.  Mr. A and other individuals ended up charged with working an illegal sports Toto internet site that predicts victories and even losses in domestic in addition to international sports complements using offices in The far east, Japan and Hong Kong via April 2009 to September 2018. The bet amount of money checked by the prosecution by financial account keeping track of seemed to be worth 144, 1000 billion won for about three years coming from 2014. Contemplating that the site has become running for nearly ten years, the overall bet is usually projected to become much higher.
  5.  In May of last year, the prosecutors received a new reinforcement investigation by simply acquiring 13 people, including web page officials and withdrawals, from the police, and subsequently caught Mr. Some sort of in March of the same 12 months.
  6.  Subsequently, right up until recently, 3 accomplices were identified by way of account tracking and mobile or portable analysis, and 27 men and women whose rates were eventually confirmed for the 2nd had been handed over to demo in spite of becoming. Three people, including Basic A good, who were charged last year, were sentenced to three to a single calendar year in prison.
  7.  A great official at the prosecution mentioned, “With a persistent exploration for one season and five months, we have now discovered an illegal sports activities Toto site operating company the fact that continued the transgression by way of moving offices offshore. ” I plan to carry out it. ”
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