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  2.  By safeguarding an “umbrella species” all the other species about it are protected as well. Logging in beech forests thus requirements to be performed with particular care, at any time of year. Logging beech and other species in Velyky Bychkiv SFE in the course of the silence season is doubly damaging as it poses an instant threat to various rare animals and bird species in the course of their breeding periods. Woodpeckers – tree cavity-nesting birds, whose numbers are declining in Europe – are one particular instance. Woodpeckers lay and incubate eggs and raise their young inside trees through the silence season.
  3.  <h2>Needs To Be Met By Relevant Material Destined For An Authorized Place Of Inspection: Scotland</h2>
  5.  <h3>An Alphabetical Listing Of All Camps For Pows And Hospitals, Operate Camps And Internment Camps Recognized In German</h3>
  6.  Our study reveals that VGSM has bought timber from at least sixteen other SFEs in Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia for the duration of the last four years. Subsequent analysis by Ukrainian NGO UNCG for Earthsight shows that in the course of 2018 Velyky Bychkiv SFE had logged on at least seven various websites of larger than one particular hectare devoid of conducting an EIA. When identified out, the SFE claimed they had had to conduct emergency sanitary felling on these web sites since of a major windthrow that had struck Velyky Bychkiv in 2017, even though windthrow is not prescribed as one of the exceptions for the EIA requirement in Ukrainian law. In total, 3,464 cubic metres of timber had been illegally created from these web sites with out right EIAs. One particular website studied was a beech clear-reduce where a check out just prior to harvest by the experts had confirmed that 75 per cent of the trees had been wholesome and in no need to have of harvesting. Ukrainian rules on sanitary felling demand that 90 per cent of trees on a web page should be unhealthy to justify sanitary clear cuts. The group also found clear-cut websites that did not have Environmental Effect Assessments , something which is required for all felling web pages more than one hectare by a law passed in 2017.
  7.  <ul>       <li>The regional German forces refused free of charge access to the camp, so an assault into the location was produced by the Guards Armoured Division and the camp was liberated on April 29, 1945.</li>       <li>The very first contained Allied prisoners in unsatisfactory situations, but generally in compliance with the International Red Cross Convention.</li>       <li>In the third section had been eight,000 civilian prisoners in appalling situations, described in the Army medical history as &quot;utterly horrifying&quot; &quot;everywhere the dead and dying sprawled amid the slime of human excrement.&quot;</li>       <li>These had been in desperate situations and it was decided to liberate the camp instantly.</li>       <li>The British forces advancing via this location had been aware of the POW camp but, till two escaped British Secret Service guys reached them they had been unaware of numerous thousand political prisoners in a separate compound.</li>     </ul>
  8.  He described these as mainly “box-ticking exercises” and explained how it was common practice for foresters to take auditors only to ‘best practice’ logging web sites specially prepared for them. FSC’s failures in Ukraine have been previously demonstrated in Earthsight’s 2018 report Complicit in Corruption, which outlined various circumstances of corruption and illegality which the organisation’s audits had failed to pick up. The FSC is the world’s most well-liked green customer label for wood, and universally accepted as the greatest global method of its kind, with requirements that significantly exceed that of its important competitor, PEFC. FSC was set up in 1993 with the support of a group of environmental organisations including WWF. Altogether, 90 per cent of the Carpathian forests below the handle of Ukraine’s state forestry agency are FSC-certified.
  9.  Just after the EIA report was published, FSC’s glowing profile of Djombo quietly disappeared from its web page. Even if the wood you get from an ‘FSC supplier’ does in truth come from an FSC-certified forest, it doesn’t mean you are in the clear. There have been plentiful shocking instances of FSC-certified firms getting involved in illegal logging, destruction of precious intact forests and human rights abuses. The challenges with these corporations are not restricted to misleading marketing. They are also engaged in widespread fraud, systematically labelling uncertified wood – much of it of probably illegal origin – as coming from FSC-certified forests.
  10.  In a section on how it goes about ‘ensuring integrity’ in its 2018 annual report, FSC claims that kicking Jari, Korindo and Schweighofer out proves how efficient it is at identifying and rooting out wrongdoers. In truth, in every single case the FSC’s own systems had signally failed to pick up blatant warning indicators. It also took years for meaningful action to be taken, and FSC has bent more than backwards to let the organizations back in as soon as doable, claiming that the policy of association is not meant to be ‘punitive’. Forced to investigate soon after WWF submitted a formal complaint, FSC hired an independent inspection panel which confirmed that Schweighofer had sourced from national parks, destroyed higher conservation worth forests and traded in illegal timber.
  11.  Even the iconic 'Poang' armchair has at one time been of Ukrainian origin. The wood utilised in these merchandise will have to eventually be coming from State Forestry Enterprises in the Ukrainian Carpathians or in the forests of the Polissia area in the north of the country. For https://russian-translation.co.uk/excel with a sharp eye, walking round an Ikea shop warehouse, it becomes rapidly apparent how crucial Eastern Europe is. By far the most popular nation of manufacture shown in the small print on solution labels is Poland.
  12.  He also described how foresters frequently inflated the value of contractor services, or manufactured fictitious contracts for services, and pocketed the extra cash themselves. In late 2019, Earthsight investigators were approached by a forester from a state forestry enterprise positioned in the Carpathians.
  13.  <div style="border: grey dashed 1px;padding: 15px;">       <h3>ISIS 'sanctioned, if not directed' Resorts World attack – expert - Rappler</h3>       <p>ISIS 'sanctioned, if not directed' Resorts World attack – expert.</p>       <p>Posted: Sun, 02 Jul 2017 07:00:00 GMT [ https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/in-depth/isis-sanctioned-if-not-directed-resorts-world-attack-expert ]</p>     </div>
  14.  Customs records obtained and analysed by Earthsight confirm that Schweighofer imported more than 1.1 million tonnes of logs from Ukraine for the duration of the Sivets era, worth more than $100 million. Uniles told Earthsight that it only acts within relevant laws and regulations and strongly rejects any allegation that states the contrary. Earthsight spoke to Ostap Yednak, formerly from the timber industry, then an independent MP for quite a few years, and at the moment on the Board of a Ukrainian advocacy network. The case of VGSM and beech chairs is just one particular of a number of provide chains major from Ikea back to Ukrainian forests. Exploring some of these reveals how the beech chairs are no specific case indeed, other Ikea supply chains may perhaps have been dodgier still, and are linked to corruption at the very best.
  16.  The vast majority of Ukrainian wood utilized in Ikea goods, even so – almost 90 per cent – is imported and processed by third parties inside the EU. That has the added advantage of removing any onus on Ikea beneath the EU Timber Regulation to make sure the wood is at negligible risk of being of illegal origin. It also makes it specifically hard for outsiders to independently trace. Earthsight’s research reveals that a lot of of Ikea’s most well-liked and finest-known merchandise have been made from Ukrainian wood.