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  5. Chapter 868 - Visiting the Sun Family Again (2) listen sea
  6. Chapter 868 - Stopping by the Sun Family members Again (2)
  7. Although it'll drive back again all of their impending small business by a whole 7-day period, nothing at all was well worth more than spending time with his little girl which will be abandoning briefly.
  8. "Don't fear, I am going to handle this." Su Yang said to her with a smile on his encounter before you take a step forward and launching the entrance.
  9. "That's perfect! We'll definitely return listed here the future!"
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  11. The moment absolutely everyone remaining, Sunlight Ren directed towards the vacant seats and explained, "Take a moment."
  12. "D-Don't concern yourself with it! We completely realize!"
  13. "I had tried out! I even directed you words, however i never obtained any back again!" Sun Jingjing explained.
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  15. Su Yang swept the crowd using a relax gaze and mentioned, "I guess your tiny meeting is far more critical than my woman indicating her ultimate goodbyes to her friends and family, huh?"
  16. "In a few weeks," she replied.
  17. From a moment of silence, Sunlight Ren explained, "Sorry for those hassle other attendees, but our Sunshine Spouse and children has wanted to postpone the achieving until tomorrow."
  18. *Knock* *Knock*
  19. Although it'll push back all of their coming business by a complete week, practically nothing was worthy of over spending time with his personal little girl who will be abandoning briefly.
  20. Following a time of silence, Sunlight Ren explained, "Sorry to the headache fellow visitors, but our Sunshine Friends and family has chosen to postpone the conference until down the road."
  21. Direct sun light Jingjing nodded and mentioned, "I will be leaving the world to complement Su Yang into the Divine Heavens, plus i am in this article to state my goodbyes."
  22. Even though it'll propel back a bunch of their coming small business by a large week, almost nothing was truly worth greater than getting together with his very own daughter who can be making soon.
  23. Though it'll thrust rear their forthcoming company by a complete week, practically nothing was truly worth a lot more than getting together with his child who can be leaving quickly.
  24. Su Yang then stated, "Very well, there's still a few days left right before we keep. It is possible to keep on this page until we make and utilize whatever almost no time you will have still left."
  25. After the time of silence, she stated, "We… We certainly have been having hundreds of letters everyday recently and then we chosen to stockpile, but alas, we accidentally wiped out it, along with your letter was probably somewhere within that pile… I'm sorry…"
  26. "You are able to bypass that communicate. Just carry me to my families." Sun Jingjing easily interrupted her.
  27. "You then cannot fault me for not informing you! I believed you didn't proper care or something that is, as a result the silence!" Sunshine Jingjing mentioned.
  28. Direct sun light Jingjing nodded, "I will do this."
  29. "Guests? We're not ready for any company! Shoo them!" An unknown voice quickly resounded.
  30. "In a few days and nights," she replied.
  31. Su Yang swept the crowd having a quiet gaze and stated, "I guess your minimal assembly is definitely more significant than my women stating her last goodbyes to her household, huh?"
  32. "Prestigious family and friends, you have a guest." The receptionist thought to them from the outside.
  33. "I understand. Then resume your house at the moment." Sunlight Ren reported.
  34. "Without delay!"
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  36. "T-Those robes… The Serious Blossom Sect?" The folks there easily regarded their uniforms.
  37. Before the receptionist could even continue, an additional voice resounded, "We don't proper care who it can be! Even though he's G.o.d him or her self, we're currently in a vital enterprise getting together with!"
  38. One time it was subsequently Su Yang's enough time to make, he delivered for the Powerful Blossom Sect, leaving behind Sunshine Jingjing behind at her residence together with her family members for the following few days.
  39. "I see… Effectively, tell me much more about your options."
  40. "What?! So rapidly?! Why haven't you advised us about this until proper before leaving?!" Sunshine Ren exclaimed.
  41. Su Yang shook his head and reported, "Sad to say, I continue to have several things to perform, in order to only vacation right here for a couple of additional hours."
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